Elizabeth May on the campaign trail | Day 10

Elizabeth May on the campaign trail | Day 10
Elizabeth May on the campaign trail | Day 10
It’S okay! It’S just that there’s with the with the microphones and everything are we. Where is everybody good morning? Thank you for joining me here in Calgary, for the next plank Focus today Green’s across Canada on Transit. Before I start, I want to express, I want to see a personal welcome, Okie and acknowledge were on the traditional on state of territory of the following treaty: Seven Nations, the siksika, the can the pakani starting a Cota and suit Cena, as well as metis involved with Treaty 7in in the traditions where I’m from now in British Columbia, on with Sonic territory, I say to the indigenous peoples of this territory on Whose Land We Stand and his generosity allows us to be here in such ahsan. Hauschka Sam, we honor you we thank you. I’M also here with a number of our candidates from the cowboy area, and I want to acknowledge all of them and and list who’s here. So you know, and then we’ll launch into the announcement here on my mediate left town of alert was running in Calgary sander and is also a member of the federal Council. The Green Party of Canada, just one of the best we haven’t, announced it yet but he’s joining Shadow cabinet as our energy critic. Because of the great work he’s done here in Alberta, Natalie, odd, Calgary Confederation, tremendous candidate will Carnegie Calgary Forest Lawn just weigh when I say in it: Evelyn Tanaka running a Calgary Shepard Taylor. Sheila Calgary for Stephanie Watson, Austin, Airdrie and Katrina, Calgary, Rocky Ridge, Jordy, Nelson Battle River Crowfoot, Marco Reed Calgary Signal Hill and Shannon Hawthorne Medicine Hat Cardston Varner, as well as Jocelyn grassy from Calgary nose Hill; okay, there all right behind me, so this platform we released a week ago today, as we have been on the campaign Trail now since September 11th, we’re proud of its platform. It’S comprehensive. It covers the things Canadians care about from the fight against the climate emergency right down to how we provide pharmacare and how we take care of our children. But let’s focus today on Transit because integral to the campaign and the the need to Transit away from fossil fuels – and I say this – I know in the heart of fossil-fuel territory but calgarians at albertans – will benefit from this transformation just as much as every other Canadian. We need to improve our transit system, as you see we’re here at the at the station Calgary about 10 years ago. I remember coming here even longer ago them we had when we had our Sierra Club annual general meeting in Calgary in 2004. So I wasn’t even in the green party but Calgary so impressed me with the the transit where the slogan was the ride. The wind. We do need more investment in infrastructure. Here in Calgary. We need to extend the green line. There isn’t any place in Canada where we now have adequate Transit. I just finished over the last seven months. A cross-country tour, including many of you – were there for the community matters tour. When we had a session in Calgary and Edmonton and right across Canada is 34 communities what we heard over and over again was it real and remote communities are significantly underserviced. It’S a real crisis in British Columbia. We lost the Greyhound bus and yet people in NBC tended to think it was unique to British Columbia, lost, Greyhound bus scheduling, they’ve lost their bus service and you keep going across the country Atlantic. Canada has lost his foster. This plays right into not only the crisis of greenhouse gas emissions and having transit systems rely on people getting into their car or even onto an airplane. It also affects margin life people quite profoundly. So when you look at the report of inquiry to missing and murdered indigenous women and girls, a proximate cause of there being played Harm’s Way is a lack of affordable, reliable bus service enforced. If you don’t have the money to hitchhike. So that’s where we are at the country where a modern industrialized country, with a what’s service for people in remote areas that isn’t the equal of Mexico. I don’t understand this greens, don’t understand it for Don’t Let Go David come out. Is he a cowboy AOC? Don’T let Community poopity, we can reduce greenhouse gases, making life more affordable for Canadians, and we do it by to a major investment in transit, has green, see it via rail and National Rail service is the backbone and that requires have them investment so that, via runs More reliably more frequently and also on time, which means we also have to invest in laying down new track. We have to extend the rail system so that CN Freight another freight trains can allow VIA Rail to go by there. Certain pinch point across this country, where 10 km of track here and there will make it possible for Via Rail to have its own track and avoid those places where there used, but to the siding. We can do this. Our investment is large and we’re very proud of it that, when we’re moving to a to our investment in the next fiscal year will be 720 million dollars. I rather do the first year is 600 million moving up to $ 729 a year to develop Regional Rail networks to strengthen the rail connections. We also – and this is why we picked Calgary for today’s announcement three decades, whenever it well at least a decade-and-a-half. Whenever independent inquiry looks at, where could we in Canada install High-Speed Rail that would pay for itself? You know the answer it leaves out of Calgary to Edmonton Calgary to Edmonton should have High-Speed Rail that would make it for business. Travelers people in a hurry would be quicker than flying because of all the time it takes to get to the airport ahead of time. Go through security screenings Edmond Calgary, High-Speed Rail would be competitive in time and certainly in dollars with slime, and there are many people in this province who, for reasons of visiting, are also particularly for the business Community. Edmonton to Calgary, High-Speed Rail will pay for itself and we need to get moving on it. So we’re looking at a very ambitious plan. We want to go off oil and out of slim powered cars. Certainly, we would end the sale of internal combustion engine vehicles for new vehicles by 2030. If you think that’s ambitious by the way India set 2022 as the year, they will stop selling internal combustion vehicles. We can make my life much more affordable and much more convenient, and there was zorses Alberta has are not limited to fossils. Alberta is the best province in Canada, for solar energy Investments has tremendous potential some already in place for wind energy Alberta has innovators and entrepreneurs and working together we can enter and are aware the farming commune considered about spring runoff and what happens with climate change. The people in this in this industry of Tourism and I think particularly of the of the tourism and ski hills. They know that we have to address the climate crisis. Alberta economy is strong, but relying on 1 global commodity is risky. We’Ve seen that risk when Saudi Arabia decided to sell more and more and more of the oil they’ve got the price humbled and this province suffered, and it’s not because of climate action that this province suffering or any political action within Canada. It’S because of when you put your economy in the hands of global speculators when you’re risk of a decision made in Saudi Arabia affecting the day-to-day life of albertans. You know we have to diversify and there are many many Industries already starting up in Alberta. The Iron II Earth organization, the workers in that field, who have moved away from fossil fuels and moved into Renewables, are the tip of the iceberg. This is where our economy is going and just as easy as Wayne Gretzky famously said, you have to skate to where the puck fossil fuels are not our investors are going they’re, not where the puck is going. So we are committed to providing more efficient, safe, reliable green transportation across Canada. It’S the Westmont Canadians need and want, and I thank you for coming out today. We are very happy to answer any questions. If you have a specific question about Calgary, I may turn it to Tana or the Natalie or tamarco. I am so proud to have such strong green canvas here in Calgary. We nearly one that by-election with Chris Turner. Wasn’T that long ago, don’t write Calgary off, don’t write any of these candidates off yes weave. I mentioned the prices in here in terms of what we would be doing around transportation. We also – and I’m glad you reminded me – we also double the municipal fund, as the Federation came into. Politics has asked us to do and we want to devote 1 % of the GDP of the GST, so one the one 1 % of that would be going permanently to municipalities so that they and invest in infrastructure of all kinds, including water infrastructure, including Transportation. It is in fact we can’t afford not to do it if we don’t act on the climate crisis. The economic downturn, if the last few you Alberta will look like weren’t those the good old days. We must act on the climate crisis will be releasing next next week. I’M in here, out-of-state Calgary today in Winnipeg tomorrow, will be proceeding to a marathon. Next week, announced meant of revealing all of the Parliamentary budget office numbers we’re not keeping anything out like some other parties have done. The Parliamentary budget office sent us late yesterday. Our final couple planks so we’ll be able to release the full costed policy platform, revenue and expenses for everyone to a to examine, including the background papers that PBO has given us. Well, it would give every of the large cities in this country and the small municipalities will benefit from having access to more money for infrastructure investment. I don’t know if, on the green line, anybody wants Natalie additional Investments that would go to municipalities, precisely four Transit lines. Like the green line that we’ve been waiting for for a long time, well, that would directly contribute to that funding. It is required to do that. That’S in this is this is new funding that were talking about that’s not in place. It hasn’t been offered to municipalities yet and they’ve been asking for it, and so this is what we built into the Green platform additional funny. That’S in our platform in our platform heel note that we rename the gas tax the municipal fund, because it’s been some time since the federal funds that used to get called the gas tax have been actually uncoupled from money collected from selling gas. We called the municipal find weed tablet. It’S permanent and the fcm response to our platform was very favorable. They issued a release thanking the Green Party of Canada for meeting the demands of the Federation of community is qualities for doubling that funding for paying attention infrastructure. Another key thing: while I’m on the topic of Municipal Municipal local government, is we want to change the way Canadians way our government makes decisions and bring the municipal ordered government to the table because most Canadians live in cities wasn’t the case in 1867, when the Constitution Was drafted as a result, municipalities continue to be treated as though their children up a province as opposed to the order of government that delivers the most in the day-to-day lives of Canadians spell our Council of Canadian governments has a seat, obviously, for the federal government place For provincial and territorial governments, the next quadrant is indigenous leadership and did his government’s First Nations metis and anyway, and the other quadrants municipalities, local governments, big cities with us. The way we envision the way it works, we would ask the Federation came to power these itself to nominate the big city mayor’s to that table and a representative group, Rural and remote communities, so that we all together, strive by consensus to come up with the best Plan and then all of the different levels of government in orders of government go back to their own funding sources, go back to their own TV and deliver and that your policy, alignment and policy coherence, if we could do it in this country, would save us. So much money, cuz right now and taxpayers get frustrated as we all know, it’s trite to say: there’s only one taxpayer, but when the money you’re provincial tax is used to fight your federal government and Court, the complete waste of money you’ll be much better. If we started really at the beginning and said, let’s try to find consensus here and greens make decisions by consensus. Indigenous peoples make decisions by consensus is far preferable to find ways to align ourselves with the fundamental notion that were all Canadian and Canadians tend to want to take care of each other. That’S who we are stop the news about chwazi ECI, Academy. Sandman Live 14 mile that your movement, Avec Le leadership, DiNozzo phone, say Claire LOL Veigar in your AC Calgary, kissing popular they don’t buy back to politician, come from your Jason Kenney Boise to Como se DC Sector for sale is it necessary to file a iMac to the mountains. So jaunty, so in English we did deliberately, as the Green Party of Canada choose to be in Calgary for September 20th, the star have a global week of action of general strike for climate action September 23rd: I should be at the United Nations social Justin, Trudeau, so should Andrew Scheer social jug me thing we won’t be because of the election campaign. Justin Trudeau is bypassing. The invitation for candidates participate in the single most important Summit on climate that we’ve ever had because we’re down to the wire and we’re running out, so all the world leaders will be in New York in 3 days. That’S why I September 20th to September 27th was chosen by the young climate leadership, because it’s brackets the., which secretary-general of the United Nations Antonio guterres, is summoning governments to the United Nations Headquarters to say what are you prepared to do because we’re now completely aware on The science that we don’t years to ensure our children have a livable world. You can count it in months. It’S not the end of the world happens in months. Sometimes people get this confused to change course. You have to start now. It would have better if we started as a nation when we first promised we would in June of 92 at the Earth Summit. When we signed the framework convention on climate change, it would have been better if we’d actually gotten started. When we signed in 1997, the Kyoto Protocol. We would save ourselves millions of dollars and it would have been much easier to make a smooth Landing, but we procrastinated and as a result here we are on the verge of the moment when it becomes too late. We are on the verge of the point of no return. Where are the planet’s atmosphere becomes so overloaded with greenhouse gases that we start triggering something called Runaway. Global warming sometimes referred to as hot how Unstoppable self accelerated levels of climatic disruption and catastrophe that mean nothing. Human beings do about it will matter anymore. So if we trigger enough warming to lose the permafrost that will release vast quantities of methane, I mean all the permafrost being lost would mean that there would be very hard to imagine any life continuing on this planet. We don’t have to think of those cataclysmic terms. We don’t have to worry about Extinction, but only we act within the next 18 months globally to change course and double redouble efforts in Canada. Lot of Canadians don’t know this. We’Ve been fed a lot of propaganda for years. What’S the point of us acting if and India don’t John is done more than Canada, the United States, even under Trump, is still doing more than Canada within the industrialized world. We are laggards and that can change, because Canadians have been demanding climate action decades and governments need to deliver. We can do it in a way that leaves us in a position of a healthy, prosperous economy in a society that is fairer because equity and justice for indigenous run right through the core of our plan to go off fossil fuels, they must run together so yeah. We should be in New York, Canada is m, i a the heart of a very important sector of our economy and we want to engage and talk about it so tonight meeting as at Justice, my town hall, meeting and Calgary last time. We always have an open dialogue, and I know number of entrepreneurs in this province who will make money out of changing course is a large number and we need to start talking about. How do we plan for the transition in the next ten years that we won’t be producing from the oilsands for the purpose of burning fossil fuels? We may be producing bitumen to go into petrochemical industry as a feedstock for petrochemical production, but not for burning and we have to plan for that. Was it a couple of days. It’S been, it’s certainly been a shock and it wasn’t just one incident. So every new incident is a shock and you have to say still remaining Paul hard to get past that and every time he tried to apologize something new slips out like he didn’t tell the Vetters in the liberal party, when he first ran for Parliament, because he Was embarrassed, I know that wouldn’t ranitas cannabis, it wouldn’t wash for any of my candidates. So it’s it’s very, very troubling, and then it’s the one thing that’s important about all this is that we do open up a cash, and I know that around the family dinner tables in this country, I know that kids are talking to their parents, families who has One of my candidates said the other day: Lydia switch them whose Cowichan First Nation we were yesterday morning at the British Columbia assembly of First Nations, and she said when I go home, I can’t wash off the color of my skin what it means to children who Have are not white, what does it mean and when the Prime Minister does something like this? It’S not it’s. It does harm it’s not without harm it does harm. It also means that the conversations are opening up around dinner tables with people of light-skin. How do we acknowledge the even without intent to harm others with no intent to be malicious? Your actions can be racist and, and those of us who have enjoyed the Privileges of our skin color, there’s no question Asian sounding name gives you a better chance of getting a job than the name that reflects o. U might reflect part of the great wealth of Canada, which is our diversity, so I think we need to have those of us who are suffering culture. Canadians need to acknowledge whether we have thought about it, much you’re, not in. Fortunately, I thought about it. A lot that, even if I think about the times when I had no money to buy groceries, I still have privilege and that’s important, that we as white Canadians. I understand that it’s our job really and racism in Canada and this whole horrible episode has made it very clear that there is systemic racism in Canada. That’S for him to decide, but it’s clear he’s being held that there is a double standard with in the liberal party. The future for all of us include people in the fossil fuel sector is far scarier. If we don’t act, there is no special climate planet called Alberta which can be insulated from the harm. This city experience the Calgary I went to high river pulled stuff out of people’s basements. I was supposed to be at Calgary Stampede having fun, but that was one large climate disaster. The fires in Fort McMurray we’re enough large climate disaster. This province is not immune from what will happen if we don’t act. So what I want to say to everyone who’s feeling worried in that sector. We stand with you. We are the only party that expresses concern when cars are laid off, because the large big oil companies have been laying off thousands of workers from automation to improve their profits. Those are workers who lost their jobs, and I don’t hear the Jason. Can this world saying? That’S a bad thing that large companies have driverless trucks in the oil since we are concerned with people, we are concerned with workers and we have adopted all the recommendations of the special task force and I command Kathy McKenna for setting it up. I’D like to hear the Liberals commit to following the recommendations. Four hundred million dollars is in our budget for the recommendations of that report that the only with coal sector workers, but the principal from that report and the recommendations were go into every Community is going to be affected. Talk to everyone, listen to the workers, provide things that will give people a sense of confidence if their future is not at risk, so for workers of a certain Bridge financing to get into their pension sooner. For those who want to keep working, this sector is full of people with skills and those skills are transferable. There’S a tremendous potential of the hundred thousand abandoned and orphaned oil wells in this province. That work was done to drill to death. We cleaning those up and running water through them to create geotherm for electricity to feed a grid that we. What are Canadian grid strategy is a big part of also creating jobs in Alberta, because, right now we don’t have good enter ties between Alberta and its neighboring provinces. We could we should, but we could convert about 10 % of what now is a toxic Legacy facing the taxpayers of Alberta into good jobs with the same people who drilled those deepwells running geothermal from those deepwells into an electricity grid battisti. Do you want to work on it so working closely with the Canadian geothermal energy Association that they put out a set of recommendations to the government and, unfortunately, a lot of those recommendations have not yet been met, and even within the past 4 years, there’s been many Struggles for geothermal to really flourish here in Alberta, and it really is a low-hanging fruit for baseload energy right here that could replace coal and either replace natural gas as well. One thing I think Marines have been doing really well as talking about adjust transition, and I think right here in Albert, especially we can transition other people working from the oil and gas industry straight into geothermal because of the transferable skills that switch lives with me has Been talking about here, the Drillers, the pipefitters, even the welders, can easily go into geothermal. One extra thing for geothermal, which is huge and has been done across the world, already, is producing year-round Greenhouse this, which I think, would really help with the food security issue here that we haven’t, and you would also then import Less Foods right now. We’Re importing about closest 28 billion dollars of food a year, and I think we can all set a lot of that and also create local jobs here in Alberta. Of course, I’m standing here before you and although it’s unlikely we’ll tell you very clearly that I’m more than prepared be prime minister for all Canadians. I love Albert. I come here a lot. If that’s why I smell like everybody here pretty well, I love I love. Calgary, I do leave my cowgirl hat in a friend’s closet, so I don’t have to worry about getting it bummed up on the plane between trips, I married a cowboy, but that’s a whole nother story. What I find really frustrating in our politics today and it’s gotten worse over the years, is the politics of fear and division. It’S not appropriate for anyone in elected office to try to tell Albert and the rest of Canada doesn’t care about. You. That’S a lie. Every single Canadian laws every other part of the country – I’ve, never I mean traveling the country, as I just did, as I said – 34 communities in between February and now every Province and the Northwest Territories. I don’t see different people coming to the mic with different views. Counselor job they might people want to know in every part of the country. What are we doing about climate change at AJ knows what we do for our seniors infamy far more in common than we have in the difference, and there wasn’t a single Canadian who wasn’t enormously moved and when I think about it till this day, I could I’m So impressed how Fort McMurray handled the terror of Fire stringing the roads where people were evacuated and when I think about that end up the things that we have in common also make us stronger. As a country, we don’t put a dollar value on it, because there’s no price that can be put on RC spell cohesion. That’S the academic buzzword. Social cohesion means that we care about each other and in the evacuation for Fort McMurray, all the First Responders State. Everybody stayed directing traffic if somebody’s car out of gas on the road leaving town, because you can see the images in your head now. Remember they just push the car deciding people got into somebody else’s car. Contrast that with what happened in Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans, where substantial part of the New Orleans police force. In there police cars and left town before the worst of the flooding, where they left the African-Americans in areas of flooding and then barred with armed guards. The people who try walk the safety, social cohesion, knowing we care for each other, knowing that neighbor will help neighbor and Province will help Robin is essential. So I deeply care about the province of Alberta. That’S why it was a terrible shame that Peter Lougheed original plan for how to develop the oil sands with ancillary infrastructure and diversifying the economy was dumped by Ralph Klein in favour and the Heritage fund. Norway, followed Peter Lougheed advice by right now has a fund, as they run out of oil in the North Sea. Norway has a fund that, if you split it up for capita, every single Norwegian is a millionaire, but this province went from honored to have known Peter Lougheed conversation with him. I tried to convince him to join the green party. It was a he laughed as of late, but that was leadership and select someone who cared about his country and his Province and had a plan, I’ve climbed up that plan and ever since then, every from your, including Rachel notley. Without her moment, she could have gone back and gotten Peter law he’s planned out and made it work instead decided to double down and try to convince albertans. She could be like Ralph Klein, the Jason Kenney. Well, that didn’t work out for her. You have to be honest and appreciate that Canadians from coast to coast to coast care about each other, we are facing a climate emergency. It is live. ground as climate in emergencies. We cannot avoid having more of them. What we can avoid is having them become so catastrophic that human civilization collapses within the lifetime of our children. This is not hyperbole. This is what the advice is not just from one or two but from the intergovernmental panel on climate change, which traditionally always underestimates the impacts and overestimates how much time we have so. I am very driven after all, my colleagues here by knowing that we’ve got this one chance to diversify our economy, to create new and exciting jobs with skills that are transferable to other sectors is Tana was describing. Alberta can take the lead on this. I will never ever ever give up on the goal of convincing every single Premier, including Jason, the this is the right thing to do, because leadership requires looking at the science and making decisions based on evidence not on partisan, short-term political benefit. A lot of people are disgusted with the choices they traditionally make. He has. A lot of conservatives are not so thrilled about answers year. They have their reasons. I hear from some people, of course, the vote. On the right hand, side of the spectrum is split with the People’s Party and Maxime Bernier. I know he helps to do well. Here we hope to do well, I think, will benefit from people being disenchanted with their traditional choices. So if you, if your, if you’re tired of the government, you’ve been getting time to consider changing the way you vote, diapers are able to go into geothermal easily with a want to I only Gas pay for and if you’re a few years away from retiring. There’S. No work or who we can for him. We cannot find a job, that’s the principle of Justice. I want to clarify something selling made me aware of it. I have to say I haven’t, read it yet, but Don braids wrote something in the Calgary Herald the suggested. We changed our plan. I just want to confirm. We did not change our plan. So when going off oil, the first oil we cancel is the Saturday oil to Easter. We replace it takes a while to renegotiate contracts. I know some people said that we’ve called for nationalizing oil. We didn’t we would. We would make sure that they Hibernia oil platform right now, 88 % of Hibernia is exported. I don’t want to drive too deep the weeds just to clarify the first place. We cancel is foreign oil and we continue to use on a declining basis, bitumen and the oil sands oil in western Canada till 2030, and then so. That gives us not it’s time to plant cat and, of course, it’s going down quite rapidly because they hit our Target, which is what science requires is 60 % below 2005 Levels by 2030, which is double the target Stephen Harper set and Jason Justin. Trudeau has kept the same Target that Stephen Harper put in place, which is half of what needs to be done, so I’m moving quickly off fossil fuels in this time frame 10 years is people say that takes too long, but we want to make sure that there’s Time for the transferable skills to move into new Industries, there’s no reason to think that those will not be a level that makes sure people can meet their mortgages live their lives there. Other things that make life more for are platform like pharmacare my child care. These are also a benefit to people in Alberta. So I think, as you look at the whole picture, this is a plan that works for every worker and family. That is our goal now. The second part you asked was I’m trying to remember. We have we have. We have a need right now in this country. Right we have skill shortages as it is. As a member of parliament, I can tell you when industry and businesses and sectors come to talk to me, they come to say we need more people in our field. We don’t. The mining industry does not have enough, they are desperate, they need more mining Engineers. We need more welders, we need more pipefitters for everything we need more steelworkers, because we need to lay train track. We need to do things with our resources in Canada and whenever any one refers to act, resources and only men’s fossil fuels. I wonder if it never noticed or forest or a fishery or agriculture. There are many different sectors in the Canadian economy and even if their height oil sands were less than 3 % of GDP and to have a distorted vision of our economy, because we’ve been so informed by Propaganda instead of facts. So we do care about every single worker. We do care about the fossil-fuel sector and those are not. Those are very skilled workers and we have. We have a desperate need for Carpenters, plumbers, electricians. We need to retrofit every building to maximize Energy Efficiency. The the Carpenters Union, when I met with them, I said well to register a building and you’re talkin about four million jobs. We’Re going to need more immigration to be able to handle the job requirements, the numbers of workers we need exceed the number of workers. We’Ve got so I don’t think there’s any chance at all that fit people with skills like in the fossa will sector here in Alberta will not have employment, they will, and what’s wonderful about our plan is that people won’t have to travel away from their Community to Get a good job, it won’t be in work camps necessarily it will be in retrofitting all the buildings, business jobs everywhere, paying attention to renewable energy and democratizing energy, so that communities have solar its local. So if the grid goes down, they’ve got energy, wind, that’s local, geothermal, that’s local, local, democratizing. Our electricity system also makes it more resilient against extreme weather events, which we’re only going to have more the first again, I just thought of another one, the first over 1 billion dollar climate event that happened in this was the tornado to Edmonton through the trailer park. Lives lost and the failure to respond to that with an adaptation measure that makes sense in tornado corridors. We need start building, shelters that trailer park. I felt exactly as it was before, without any shelters to take cover if a tornado is coming. We a lot of emphasis on adaptation ways of looking at flood control. Looking at tornado preparations, he at in my part of the world. We need to get out there and put iron in the woods to build fire breaks and get standing dead wood out of our forest before they catch fire. Again there are things we should be doing if we were serious about the climate crisis instead of using it. As a political football for any Nene argument about carbon taxes, instead of talking about what we need to do and how we put people to work, there’s also one last thing on the other the industry promised it would remediate. remind a lot of those companies have already Left who’s going to be stuck with a price tag for cleaning up the toxic waste Legacy of the oilsands, probably going to be the taxpayers of Canada. Let’S get ahead of that and start the people to work who had to drive the trucks to pull the overburden away from the site to start driving back the trucks. To start the Reclamation efforts foreca logical restoration, it was promised by the end of, but we know that there’s a very pathetic fraction of the amount of money that’s required has been set aside green party. It’S a scary, pumpkin bought spoken in Petroleum Club activated their I’m. Not afraid to go in and talk to people, I love people, I love people in the oil and gas sector. I learned that one Okapi live toward Fort McMurray. I’Ve been beginning to turn into a country, western song. I’Ve Been Everywhere, I’ve been everywhere, and I’ve talked to a lot of people. They shouldn’t be afraid. This is one of the same about human psychology and much has been written on this. Why is it? People seem more afraid to do what’s necessary to ensure our children have a livable World. Why are they more afraid of solutions then of the threat? This is not the time to start worrying about. It will be too hard. It will cost too much in 1987. I remember this distinctly cuz. I was there negotiating the protocol to save the ozone layer. Losing the ozone layer met quite simply lose all life on Earth. The sun’s most dangerous UV rays would reach the planet in and not just an ozone hole over Antarctica, but everywhere, and there were some who said: it’ll cost too much. We can’t lose those very proper molecules of chlorofluorocarbons one of the people who said that by the way was at the time the US Secretary of the Interior, John hotel. We were in Montreal negotiating to save the ozone layer and we had a prominent member. Around is White House saying: all we need is broad-brimmed, hats and sunscreen, because you don’t kill our economy because I’m trying to save the ozone there. Fortunately, we didn’t listen, find hotel and, as a miracle of Politics, the US had of the Environmental Protection Agency was able to keep Ronald Reagan on side during the very very tight negotiations that gots called into deadlock and so on. So it’s not as though we don’t have history as a country in standing up and saying the threat here is much scarier than the solutions and threats of job blackmail. Threats of it will cost too much need to be set aside, as the last wailing of a Dying sector get out of the way, we’re here to save you and your children. Thank you. Add grandchildren.
Green Party Leader Elizabeth May is on the campaign trail in Calgary.

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For more than 75 years, CBC News has been the source Canadians turn to, to keep them informed about their communities, their country and their world. Through regional and national programming on multiple platforms, including CBC Television, CBC News Network, CBC Radio, CBCNews.ca, mobile and on-demand, CBC News and its internationally recognized team of award-winning journalists deliver the breaking stories, the issues, the analyses and the personalities that matter to Canadians.

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