Elizabeth Warren rises in latest CBS News Battleground Tracker

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Elizabeth Warren rises in latest CBS News Battleground Tracker
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Elizabeth Warren rises in latest CBS News Battleground Tracker
Elizabeth Warren rises in latest CBS News Battleground Tracker
I don’t even serious, Battleground tracker pole show the changing picture in the Democratic primary Massachusetts. Senator Elizabeth Warren holds a slim lead over former Vice President Joe Biden and early primary and caucus States. Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders the only other candidate in polling in double digits, with 19 % support, unlike National polls, which includes states that won’t vote until late spring. The Battleground tracker later primary contests 419 presidential candidate spoke over the weekend. The new CBS News, Battleground tracker poll shows Warren edging out Joe Biden, the granite state by one point Biden, maintained his lead in Iowa and is blowing away the field and Carolina strong support with African-Americans, but in Nevada 9 % support. Is it more in is picking up the most support from voters changing their minds? For example, 29 % of Voters who previously supported California Senator Kamala Harris have switch to supporting Warren. It was a rough weekend for Harris who had to apologize after a man. Attending Harbor Town Hall is called President Trump’s actions mentally retarded, and she responded with that. I really heard or processed or in a four in any way condone. That’S for sure, President Trump for the Republican nomination. This is the beginning of a long walk, but it begins for that first step in that’s what I’m announcing here today trick you could be for them. At least four states are planning on canceling their GOP primaries, saying it’ll save them money, given that the president is so popular. Among Republicans, u.s. News, Washington and a trip to the New Hampshire democratic convention is the reporter Caitlin huey-burns, leading in one of those early voting states by very, very slim Lee. What does this tell you in New Hampshire? So this is a place where she is positioned to do really well. The enthusiasm for her on the ground has been very striking, and we see that reflected in this poll. We see that her rise, taking away from some other, especially Senator Harris. I think it’s really significant and coincides with what we are seeing on the ground. Can she keep up this momentum and does more scrutiny Harris in a moment, but first I want to stick with New Hampshire state, which Bernie Sanders is now trailing. You asked him about that. Let’S play a little bit from your interview with him. Vice president for 8 years. Everybody knows him. I use a nice guy, but I think, as we get more and more into the campaign and people see the differences between Joe’s record and my record devoted to the war in Iraq by led the opposition against it, our vision for the future of America. I think we’re going to pick up a lot of those folks are going after Elizabeth Warren FrontRunner going to keep themselves in the debate on Thursday a very telling aspect of this campaign. When you talk to Bernie Sanders and his campaign, they never really go after Elizabeth Warren. When you put the same to Elizabeth Warren campaign, they don’t like to go after Bernie Sanders. The reason for that they’re competing for a lot of the same voters they’re going to sharing a similar land route, this primary that also reflected in the pole. So their strategy is go after one another, because they’re sharing voters now they have very different approaches to how they are campaigning in New Hampshire. Bernie Sanders is trying to build upon his support in that state and has an organization to do that, but Elizabeth Warren, I’m really playing into the retail campaign aspect. That’S so critical in a place like New Hampshire, I really trying to meet voters one-on-one. She also invested very early on this campaign on ground game in Iowa and New Hampshire and some of these early we’re seeing that now pay off, at least according to the pole and from voters that were talking to on the ground, 60 %. Think the party’s message should be more Progressive than the Obama Administration compared to 40 %, who just want to return to the way things were before President Trump now? Do you think that could be a cause of concern for Jobe the sword of campaigning on the ladder? I think this is a really important point in this pole and I think it’s reflected into candidate Elizabeth Warren. This is the first time they’re going to be on the stage together and this kind of way. So this represents two ideas of where the Democratic party should go right now, according to Elizabeth, how to make big structural changes she’s very much running on a progressive platform. Her campaign slogan is dream: big and fight hard. Joe Biden has been reminding voters of his connection to Morocco Mama very much playing into that interesting Lee enough Adrian when he was interviewed on CTN last week to Something in the past, we’ll see how that resonates with voters. I will know that it’s interesting in our pool also that increasingly voters are who are supporting Elizabeth Warren, find her to be more flexible to be able to defeat Donald Trump, which had been a concern for her originally she’s becoming increasingly voters. Second choice, which is important because this is a very fluid race as we’re seeing that second choice, opposition really could be effective. Members of her campaign accidentally left behind a breathing referencing. Her quotes summer slump. You spoke to the senator at the New Hampshire Democratic Convention about her lagging poll. Numbers will take a listen you’re heading to Houston next week for the anything that you’re doing differently to prepare the first time you were on that debate stage. Your campaign Rose in the polling fell down a little bit after the second one planned for the third anything different. I think it’s really important to know that you got to be steady, you got to work hard and I I feel it in to be my. My number one commitment to earn the vote of everyone, and I do not expect it will be given it has to be earned not going to work Caitlin we’re still five months in the Iowa caucus should the Harris campaign be concerned is taking from Paris supporters. They have a reason to have some turn and to try to get those numbers up or get the enthusiasm around her campaign up. I also asked her if she is planning on recalibrating her message: if there’s any change in strategy for the fall campaign desk, does the Wall Street Journal has reported that there are some changes that might be made, and she said that she doesn’t like to look at The polls that she’s very much I trying to focus on investments in New Hampshire and Iowa, but there does seem to be this recognition that she does have to get more support. I’Ve gained traction, but it’s also a telling her campaign. It shows us some. Some data points about various strategies Beckley after Joe Biden and that seemed to be give her a temporary boost and then kind of fell back down to only other campaigns kind of looking at that strategy. Did they take any lessons from it? Do they feel that if you are going after the front-runner or another leader race, that gets you anything that remains to be seen, but from Kamala Harris his point of view that didn’t seem to be helping her and long-term right development he’s an interesting candidate, because so Many Americans know him, as the man has been trying to impeach President Trump, but not so many know what his platform is necessarily as a presidential candidate. What’S your takeaway, I think this is significant, because a lot of these other lower-tier candidates who didn’t make the state are still trying to make it for October. So as we’re starting to see the field narrow little bit. That October debate also can give some of these candidates hope to advance. Also later this week, I’m going to be watching to see some of those lower-tier Canada to make the debate stage. Someone like a Cory Booker really gain much traction over the past month. Can they use this debate to get any momentum or attention for their campaigns right will see the president Republican Centron for the Republican nomination? Does he pose any real challenge? Comes as the South Carolina primary for the Republicans support at in these Quito release, dates prevent a Challenger for making any Headway so so comes as we continue to see that Donald Trump is pulling very well among Republican voters. They like what he is doing, they’re enthusiastic about his campaign. So it is very difficult for Challenger to make some strides here, especially since just practically the party is working overtime to make sure that Donald Trump is their nominees.
A new CBS News Battleground Tracker poll shows a changing picture in the Democratic primary. CBSN political reporter Caitlin Huey-Burns spoke to Tanya Rivero about what’s driving the uptick in Elizabeth Warren’s support.

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