Embattled May faces PMQs ahead of crucial vote – BBC News

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Embattled May faces PMQs ahead of crucial vote – BBC News
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Embattled May faces PMQs ahead of crucial vote – BBC News
Mr. speaker, speaker need to give support. The French authorities may need events in the beautiful city of Strasburg pull a meaningful vote, and then she did know if she’s going to rule out having a general election out of people’s votes at this point in time. I think we should respect the results of the referendum took place in 2016. Happens to that deal they will be allowed to stay on roughly the same time. Does it mean that draft agreement, in the circumstances, if it is not agreed weeping very clear and protect New Deal that we wish to know would wish to know, but I actually other EU governments would respect the rights of UK citizens. Thank you mr. speaker. Thank you. Mrs. peacock, I’m sure the whole house will join me in joining joining the prime minister in condemning the shootings in Strasburg and extending our sympathies. How many of those have been killed or injured that I’m delighted to see the Prime Minister back in a place after that? The journeys having told him he do this morning, having told to me to this morning that she’s MaidPro Country Now update the house on what changes she is secured to hadeel European Union cancel she with the duration, all FIFA song. He think that whatever comes Savage, nothing has changed if she needed. If she needed any, you need to go to Europe. She could have just asked her attorney general, who said India was indefinitely called when she left when she left on her journey. We were they for a 5-day debate on the deal, since the Prime Minister has not achieved any changes either to withdrawal agreement or the future partnership. Timesheet now confirm that we will have the concluding days are debates and votes within the next seven days before the house Rises for the Christmas recess yesterday agreed and discussed in the usual way. What is a referendum on 2016 unacceptable? Anyone? The five days of debate when the vote was going to take place, tried to unilaterally pull that this house is house the chance of a boat on this crucial matter. The Prime Minister and I already been found to be in contempt of parliament behaving today. Mr. speaker, the apartment is, does appalling. Behavior needs to be held to account by this house as the people of this country more and more concerned about the ongoing chaos. The Center of Hope Kaufman when she made her Lancaster on both sides of the house, but the question, and so will the offenses tried to shout down all you do is wear out your voices and you won’t succeed, amen and of subject objectives and quoting the first Objective is crucial will provide the current situation mr. macaron homework on this matter age. We did, he said we wouldn’t get a withdrawal agreement and activation, and we did concern concern to be raised. Concerns about the guy said. We continue those discussions. The Federation of small businesses says that planning ahead is impossible. Many many other people around this country find planning ahead and possible because all I say is chaos the plan anything for the future. Yesterday, the cross-party select committee, including conservative and peace for the committee for departing exiting the European Union, unanimously find the prime minister’s deal and I quote, fails to off sufficient Clarity or certainty about the future. Will the Prime Minister gave the country at least some certainty? Uncategorically rule out the option of No Deal the way to control there is no no deal is to agree a deal. That’S the way of the right jokes about the impact on businesses, the prime minister on strike in solidarity with any strike anywhere in the world working people who would pay the price of Labor no deal? She has failed to do that. Prime minister, this sorry Saga. It’S frustrating for businesses for workers and many actually behind her as well. Many though it’s going to work constructively to find a solution. Yesterday, yesterday I have former brexit Minister said a new Customs Union with the you could be the basis for parliamentary consensus. When is she going to start listening to people that want actually to find a constructive solution to this, find Parliament the right to vote on her tail essay on the other side? On the other side, no clue, mrs. Baker. The time for disregard July is over. The Prime Minister, the prime minister will be heard. Jeremy corbyn there can be no more excuses, no more running away, put it before Parliament and let’s have the vote. Whatever happens with her conservative leadership vote today to the lives of people across our country, it does nothing to solve the government’s inability to get a deal that works for the whole country. She’S already been found to be in contempt of parliament. Will Sheen put Litchfield before Parliament and Host this escalating crisis, which is so damaging the lives of so many people in this country? Allegedly, he was, and the Prime Minister will be the prime minister. I think it’s time somebody would explain it to her. He should be honest with his position. He couldn’t care less about brexit what he wants to do subdivision on Crash economy a few weeks ago that Mackenzie from Houston to people at Eastwood, High School, took his own life having the victim of crew, online threats and bullying. On social media and his mobile phone, he was just starting being raised in his memory for peaceful inside and Scottish charity that supports the families of victims of child suicide. They can the prime minister victims, what did the tar and prevent children who may be engaging in these? I not realizing the consequences they can have, because no family should be injuring a Christmas without their child suicide, extremely serious issue and I’m sure other. – Is the whole house in the whole house with family at this terrible time, credibly serious issue, because this question is both Ways and the working with schools to help people to recognize this materials and to deal with it, but also to support those children who could be the victims and who might be consultation, showed lost on Internet safety issues, millions and people approach. Indian Blackfoot. Thank you. Mr. speaker associate myself with it about to the Prime Minister on the side of a building it and he’s on the terrible tragedy. Yesterday in Stroudsburg brexit deal, will the Prime Minister bring forward to minute for vote on the brexit deal next week? What matches is the day off about this issue? We all are disgusting and continuing to negotiate with the European Union is, I said, should be next week. The UK are seeing this today, 5 minutes to take responsibility. Being respectful is the views that have been raised in this house, our future trading relationship with our biggest and close at night Envy agreement with the remaining 27 will not result and we shouldn’t risk and control of the backseat negotiations to opposition MPS in Parliament, because even Stopping brexit who is brexit for the country, the Prime Minister must now concede, but a deal is doomed. The house until her own policy appear to have no confidence in her, but will she have confidence in the people and give them a safe people’s photos? I have said all that said to the question: 16 people voted to leave European Union today. So how does my Russian girlfriend respond to the Royal College of Obstetricians and gynecologists old? It 3/4 of a hundred babies who died or suffered brain damage each year, I’m taking every expectant, mother and unborn baby receives appropriate monetary. The fish house and every death or injury of a child is a trying to date. We have a commitment to Holiday Inn rates of stillbirth National maternity safety and didn’t use safety equipment goodnight, something that we need to ensure that we continue to do what we can. laying down red lines before the brexit talks or even began wasting precious negotiating time. On a general election or consistently failing to face down the hall, what is the speaker small business Lifeline to my constituency because of the Auntie business policies of labor control, Sefton Council pounds in the future High streets phone to make high streets and Townsend to spit to The future, I will be publishing a prospectus for the phone shortly, which is worse, No Deal or No Deal brexit the people in this country unhelpful, irrelevant and irresponsible them for the conservative party to embark on weeks. How do I find a to? I think it is. It is the implants what those weeks at that time paying which have the decision delaying of stopping brexit with a badly infected lifelike, because they any was full knowing my constituents. How long will you be? Is the Centennial hospital wealthy Belmont? It sounds like the decisions on delivery services should be taken by local conditions, local need, but these are a very early stage Julian night. Thank you to the broadcasting Martin lyrics. Making this fantastic results by young people happen. Financial education taking place so that young people prepared for that future life. I couldn’t care less, be quiet and listen. Merry cry interested in China. Tonight’S folks. Will she finally rule out no deal face down this place? I’M put it back to the public in a people’s fight consecutive quarters of pro the longest run in the G7, come on back to September 97, when the referendum was held in Wales results about 3 % in favor of an assembly, I’m 49.74. Nobody questioned why we should accept the referendum any future reference for us Best Friends, mission Christmas, a charity doing fantastic with helping children in need in my constituency and for the local food bank of children living in poverty. This Christmas, does the Prime Minister have for those who are working hard to make ends meet fit, will find themselves forced to rely on food banks for their families. Christmas mail admission Christmas for that children’s president and obviously two Christmas for many children than they would otherwise have exactly what we’re doing? Does biological friends agreed to take time for you not to leave benches as a real threat to our great nation? Is the party of the labor government, many people, many members of the public, wants to get on with brexit and actually enjoy that we are delivering. again, a sixteen-year-old boy was tragically killed in a knife attack. I know that some good multi-agency what is happening in this field? What does the Prime Minister still think we have enough police officers? Can I extend my condolences to the family of the constituency how to replace Chaco lifetime Street we getting out through the defensive weapons build and we strengthen Forum control through the pacing and crime act in relation to this? Isn’T just about C-section actually weave about helping young people who otherwise might find themselves in the use of knives to prevent them? From doing that friendship, my concern and my constituents concerned about the further delays and increased cost of crossrail on the playlist of tfl. What are art absolute 70 British prime minister issued an apology to the people of Ireland for the historic role in The Great Famine. Will the Prime Minister condemn any notion any suggestion, the food shortages in Ireland? When I am happy to absolutely, we would know any sense in the negotiations, the European Union Brian terrific job in trying circumstances The Headbangers from all sides in the suit by not to delay the fussy as Menchie’s political chaos and possible scenario for this country. Fundamentally, Ash boots in its history suffices prison officers on probation star who are in the Frontline of keeping us all safe. The first duty of any government in the 2019-20 police fund, a sacrament risk-parity services, but he’s also a reference, prison offices and I think offices he references well blind, lucaris, the people the Times newspaper today and saving her deal. But you can she tell the house? What exactly is she afraid of the issue? Is the issue is overwhelmingly voted to give us a choice to the British people as to whether or not to leave European Union? The British people chose to leave the European Union of members of this house to deliver on that boat spell protecting jobs and businesses by going back to the Goshi ation table and thrashing will pass through this house who’s in the interest of people whose jobs are at Stake in this to make sure that we get a good deal with the European Union, I believe, can get the support of this house to ensure that we can move forward and deliver good brexit. Surprise for no-confidence motion, for my back benches are from the leader of the opposition she’s going to to take place. That is with a good field for the good brexit deal with the European Union that protects jobs.
Theresa May is on her feet and answering the first question at Prime Minister’s Questions.

There is laughter as she says she may have many meetings with colleagues in the Commons….

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Labour MP Kerry McCarthy asks whether the prime minister is going to rule out having a general election and a new referendum.

Theresa May says having a general election would not be in the national interest and that the 2016 referendum result should be respected.

Jeremy Corbyn asks for an update on what changes have been made to the Brexit deal.

The prime minister says she’s listening to concerns of MPs, but Mr Corbyn “couldn’t care less” what comes back from Brussels, as all he wants to do is “create chaos” in the economy.

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