Emerge yourself into the world of Alita: Battle Angel

Emerge yourself into the world of Alita: Battle Angel
And welcomed we are live at the immersive event for Alita battle Angel. There are these really cool interactive games that people can participate. They have these set up in Boston and New York and in Los Angeles soccer play I’m in the Los Angeles 1 and we’re here in a music competition. So it’s really cool these light up and you have to try and hit them before they disappear. It’S a really fun competition, so I’ll show you more about the event. Who’S excited to see this phone, so here is a really cool challenge. If you noticed, there’s all these small sense and basically we had to smell them and guess what scent they were and then challenged fellow team. So there’s a lot of really cool challenges. Again. This is in Boston, New York, Los Angeles. This challenge we had to put her hands in a bag which was really cool, immersive experience, so who’s going to see this movie next month. So here’s a cool little thing: you flip it and then you test it out. I don’t know if you guys caught that little tricky and then different numbers and letters very cool, so who’s going to check this out in Fosston or New York, or Los Angeles, really cool, immersive experience and the movies coming out next month. I don’t know about you guys, but I really want this eyeglasses for how about these gloves. So this was a game and you had to guess the right peace, the right part, really cool, and then you can play set on some cyborg some robots. Everything is very technology forward, yet kind of looks really old. How did the idea of the film is? There’S an elite class in the sky and then we’re down here on Earth and everyone wants to go up to the sky City. I don’t know about you, but I want to play some motorball we’re here at the immersive promotional venue, the film but yeah, it’s really cool. Basically, people are putting two different teams and they had to compete in challenges, and you can do this again in Los, is New York or Boston? Butt is really cool, very sci-fi futuristic. Yet it seems everything seems very old at the same time, which is really cool. Go anyways guys thank you for watching. I hope you enjoyed it and we will talk to you soon. Play Skies.

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