Emiliano Sala: Search for footballer and pilot called off – BBC News

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Emiliano Sala: Search for footballer and pilot called off – BBC News
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Emiliano Sala: Search for footballer and pilot called off – BBC News
Taking the decision to terminate how such decision is being difficult, as you can imagine, not least because they’re a huge number of people, both here in the UK, an inference we’ve been involved in the search over the last 3 days. All of them, including myself and hope for a positive outcome, but that’s not being the case but more importantly, because I’m well aware this will be very unwelcome news for the family and friends of the two occupants of the missing aircraft. I would like to say thanks to all of those people, who’ve been involved in, go to Spain, an incredible Cooperative operation that includes around Coast Guard Personnel here in the joint control center in Guernsey and in Jersey, as well as the Coast Guard organizations in the UK. At the national Knights on Operation Center and the Coast Guard, it also includes Personnel from the volunteer services from the Earth, both the good and see an old analog boats at the volunteers to support and operates the search Ashcroft which operates a channel on Audacity. The members of the guns, Eon, UK police force and the French authorities across Mall in joburg SRT-4, the little bit of France from French Navy aircraft and from the civilian helicopter based in brekkie and, last but not least, the members of the public who responded to our Request to report any objects or incidents which might be linked to this missing, a crow first of all, iced out with the family and friends of David David Davidson, Emiliano Sala, for whom this must be a very difficult time to imagine how they must be feeling. But I do understand – and I hope they will find some comfort from the fact that we are not closing this incident. Although we are stopping searching, the instant remains and we are continuing with our broadcasts to ships and aircraft with your passing through the area and asking them to report anything which may be linked to the missing Acura. I don’t have time for a few questions and now stop flood tonight at the moment and spring tide up to 12 months of currents running through these Waters, and so I’ll search area by the hour has been getting nausea and we can’t really speculate on that at The moment it will be subject to an investigation by the accident investigation Branch from the UK control records been Gathering movie sent to them. I put all your food to speak with them. If that’s what they will to stop the search at that is being done by Family liaison officers from the police forces in County homicide. I understand that Gianna Solace, family, not content with the decision to stop the search, and I fully understand that absolutely following the the same protocol that the UK Coast Guard would follow when taking such decisions. I’M absolutely confident that we could not have done anymore determine what the next steps off of them at the same time, that remains a missing persons case. As far as guns and police are concerned. Can you help us on that investigated? What happened to the plane before it lost contact? My focus been entirely on saving lives at Sea and trying to find the two men and recover them most of us till Illinois. Whether that’ll suit ties in with the information you have for my traffic control, but we have engaged with the telephone companies and on. We understand that there were a number of nitrix changes up until the aircraft was lost in contact. Do they play in the same areas? Is that helped you, because we haven’t been able to get any position, and I have to be until they’re found the records from the air traffic control authorities in Jersey, dealing with the plane will be analyzed body wraps investigation. Brown should never be able to determine what is today Navistar, depending on the circumstances that an individual case I know to assign from the recording capable of forensic examining the recordings. They’Ll also be looking very carefully at the recordings from weather right now and from the primary and secondary air traffic control radar. We know that that was a long line of heavy weather in the in close proximity to where they at golfers lost in contact. So that is a possibility that, but it’s very difficult to determine that’s very close to the last known position of the actor. Also a deep is over hundred meters in debt, I’m so finding anything. That’S where it is only say that that’s where it is. Who is the Harbormaster guns? He confirming that is Nostradamus? The rescue workers have cooled off, that search for the missing plane, carrying the football Italiana Sala, and also the pilot David Evanson. The chances that they had survived. We’Re extremely remote said that Captain Baca the cecrops been missing since it disappeared from radar over the English Channel on Monday night office kind of thousands of square miles and removing all the information available is at the Disco. This isn’t the end of the search had been taken.
The search for missing footballer Emiliano Sala and pilot David Ibbotson has been called off after rescuers failed to find their plane.
Cardiff City’s Argentine striker, 28, and Mr Ibbotson were on the aircraft that disappeared from radar on Monday.
After three days, authorities made the decision to abandon the search.
Guernsey Police tweeted at 15:15 GMT to say rescuers were “no longer actively searching” for the plane.
The statement, from harbourmaster Capt David Barker said the chances of survival “are extremely remote”.
He added: “Despite best efforts of air and search assets from the Channel Islands, UK and France…we have been unable to find any trace of the aircraft the pilot or the passenger.

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