Endangered orca keeping dead calf afloat

that would make sense that they would be somewhere out here this is Howard Taylor shed has spent most of his waking hours for the past week navigating through the Salish sea to keep watch on a mother in morning the southern resident killer whale known as G35 has been pushing and carrying her dead calf with her since July 24th she’s still has this stress in this pain that she must be going through it doesn’t really until I get back to the office late at night and I’m going to the images that you still going through this eight days on yeah Offspring it’s believed to be part of the grieving process that scientists don’t fully understand but they carry it for this long is unprecedented which is why teams from the US and Canada are working to keep watching the whale and other boats back probably a lot more difficult for her to forge while she’s doing all this as well so we are concerned a little bit of water but body condition picked up when the Padres passed sound equipment underwater Southern resident whales are already closely monitored because they’re endangered there are only 75 left this little cap was a girl which would have been really important this community cuz she would have been able reproductively to contribute additional cast so it’s sad on so many levels once the mother finally lets the calf go researchers are hoping to retrieve it so they can find out just why she died expand about 10 or 11 hours on the water each day until then shed and the rest of his crew say they will try to track you work as closely as they can to help a mother who for some reason is not ready to let go cbcnews off the coast of Washington State
An endangered orca off the coast of Washington state is keeping her dead calf afloat. Scientists aren’t sure how the calf died. While they try to determine the cause, they’re also focused on keeping the orca safe.

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