Environmental groups concerned over toxins from Notre Dame fire

Environmental groups concerned over toxins from Notre Dame fire
Environmental groups concerned over toxins from Notre Dame fire
All the aftermath, nearly a month now since Knoxville down cathedral in Paris, went up in flames and there are major discussions going on about how to restore it and to what the french Parliament is right now bathing a bill. There are some new images that are very interesting from French architect who is proposing. This consumes he’s also proposing a aquaponics farm, and that would produce tons of fruits and vegetables can the fire and everything that was in the building. There are growing health concerns about toxins in a statement released yesterday, Paris, Police say the fire left high levels of lead all around the cathedral, but they say it’s environment groups disagree as he’s been looking at that report and reaction, and this difference of opinion this week On Thursday and find police in Paris, as you say, issued a statement, they said the Goblins immediately adjoining.. There was no risk in the wind. The neighborhood surrounding the Paris Landmark Landmark sang lead poisoning, usually builds up over the years of exposure and bearing in mind that have been no reports of acute lead, poisoning. India area, it looks like the French authorities are playing down the threat. Last month’s fire, Heather Layton Dustin the Potential Threat. They say it poses to human health in the environments, and it’s believed they will once again cool on the French authorities to take to detoxify the rubble and aspirin violence month should be the priority here. Debates about the fort speech up Heather
As the debate over the restoration of the Notre Dame Cathedral continues in Paris, authorities say the lead left over from the disaster is not a threat, but environmental groups are concerned over the toxins.

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