Erin Burnett: Is Trump acting in bad faith?

saffron tonight bad faith president Trump stop lawyer accusing Bob Mueller of acting in bad faith about a sit-down interview with President Trump I’m I’m sure they’re in bed trays about an interview at this point is a big charge especially coming from Rudy Giuliani sit down and putting written answers I mean obviously who knows who would even write those answers and there are more preconditions Trump tried to set like the interview camping within 3 hours at can’t touch on the topic of obstruction of justice at all the list goes on and on and it seems a bit absurd and on top of those games Trump is going after Mueller’s investigation itself calling the Russia probe I hope so witch-hunt and now slamming Muller personally tweeting this weekend in park quote is Robert Mueller ever going to release his cons love interest with respect to president Trump including the fact that we had a very nasty and contentious business relationship I turned him down to have the FBI one day before appointment as special counsel and Comey is his close friend conflict okay let’s just be clear cuz sometimes dates really matter right a timeline matters we are talking here now the very end of July 2018 Bob Miller was named special counsel for 39 days ago Franklin don’t know that if Trump did in fact have a very nasty and contentious business relationship with molar have held it in for 439 days now he did interview potential replacement for the former FBI director Jim Comey it’s a pretty hard thing to imagine Trump doing if he really did have a very nasty and contentious business relationship with Mueller the truth is this not only been 439 day since Miller was named the president waited months and months and months which of this year before attacking molar by name for the first time and it escalated quickly from there in April the month Michael Collins Home and Office were raided by FBI agents and Comey releases book contradicting Trump’s account a bear interactions 9 * on Twitter and then look at these bar charts by June the president had attacked investigations witch-hunt 25 times and that month alone early at the beginning of the year you should have any bars right it was one two three times a month and then this huge and the president’s maligning of Mueller took off on camera 2 switch on Twitch on the rig twitch on Twitch on which Witch Hunt lashing out coming as we know the president has been fuming a source close to the White House telling CNN now it’s getting closer and closer to him is his inner circle how do you think he feels so back to this original point from Rudy Giuliani about bad face when it comes to bad the big question is whether Trump’s willingness to talk to Mueller seems to be a fabrication or not in fact today he said he’s willing to meet with quot anybody sorry sat down with Putin and Kim Jong on and now it’s the Iranian president Rouhani to do so with no preconditions I believe in meeting you meet is nothing wrong with mating we have preconditions for that meeting anytime they want no preconditions if it’s standards for meeting dictators accused of murdering their own people is the same as his standard for Bob Mueller he would have talked to Miller months and months and months ago does Melanie is out front live at the White House and Jeff the president all questions about Moeller today he wasn’t either and I mean really throughout the day we saw the president several times the first time in the Oval Office with the Italian Prime Minister ask questions about what is he talking about exactly with he did not answer questions there he did not answer our questions in the East room by later on after that news conference and he didn’t answer questions later on again in the Oval Office he clearly doesn’t want to talk about it publicly on camera about Bob Miller Aeron that does not mean he is not fake vitamin tweeting about him there is one thing is clear it is it’s in his head as this trial of Paul manafort perhaps begins tomorrow that may be the reason there may be other reasons but it’s clear that the present about this in a controlled environment of same things online just going to be asked about it but this this anger and rage Aaron is more strategy than anger he clearly is trying to diss the entire investigation as a child again today he did not answer questions were almost a week now into the whole Michael Cohen episode where the president has not once said what he believes are feels about his former protector and fix her essentially the training room Melanie and I think we can all say there’s one thing that everybody can agree on Bob Mueller is on trumps mine you heard him haven’t heard back from Special counsel and more than a week he said what 10 days he said it’s bad faith why you think it’s been 10 days navigate taught us and as a former prosecutor defendants don’t get to set preconditions so the prison shouldn’t be sitting any preconditions he should go through that interview the same way other defendants or subject go through interviews and prosecutors so there’s any bad faith the president and His White House counsel and and what that means is that bad face from every couple of days I was a a new a new Intrigue in The Saga of the back and forth on the conditions in Miller’s response do you agree that molar is engaging in bad faith or giving up or do you see anything Sinister in this that we’ve heard of public or so extreme that no reason prosecutor would ever agree to them then maybe one reason they’re not responding but also Rudy Giuliani just make stuff up so we need to hear also from the Department of Justice I asked you what these preconditions may or may not be and in terms of the interview if the president as corded on your show is going to have no preconditions sitting down with the Iranian president then he’s so they should have no preconditions with Robert Mueller members of Congress when I become more frequent and much more personal right now he’s talking about this this contentious business relationship which you know he’s never mentioned in that in those words before 439 days of an investigation notwithstanding why do you think these attacks are becoming so much more frequent now it’s not surprising that Donald Trump is increasing his attacks the walls are closing in on him we got the release of the colon tape and the potential that Michael Collins going to flip we’ve got to Paul manafort about to start in the present is lashing out and I know that when defendants can’t rely on the facts of the law the Resort’s attacking law enforcement and that’s what you seem Donald Trump doing he’s attacking law enforcement quote conflicts-of-interest the justice department as you know looked into the history of Mueller and Trump when this all started finding no issue with Mueller’s appointment obviously we all knew about his longstanding friendship with Jim Comey we raised on the first night he was even a point of that was certainly no seek do you know what the present is talking about Congressman though when he says put very nasty and contentious business relationship you any idea what that refers to mission of FBI director in the first place I also do you want to note that the Department of Justice ethics experts cleared any conflicts of interest that my mother might have had in May of 2017 and the Russian Ruble the supervisor Republican Rosenstein testified before Congress saying they were no disqualifying council’s of Interest so the present right now is really just grasping at straws and I think he’s trying to distract American public doesn’t want to talk about the fact that health care costs are rising and that wages are in fact decreasing you weren’t Republican colleagues in the house Judiciary Committee Congressman Lou obviously remember that they want to bring back the former FBI director for an interview the topic reportedly about his decision making during the 2016 campaign testify before you all bastinado questions what more do they want to know from him you know you know there’s a lot of issues very pressing such as lots of kids were ripped away from their parents will not be reunited yet and house Judiciary Committee control Republicans want to talk about Hillary Clinton’s emails I frankly think that is absurd I do however welcome them free and call me back to testify I think he is a very good witness and I think he actually provides light information that is not the Republican narrative so if they want to do that then they should go ahead and do that but I think the American people want to move on and talk about other again his story of how Trump tried obstruct Justice
CNN’s Erin Burnett asks whether President Trump’s expressed willingness to meet with special counsel Robert Mueller is a “fabrication.”

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