Esper: Trump Gave Order For Navy SEAL Eddie Gallagher To Keep Trident Pin | Hallie Jackson | MSNBC

Esper: Trump Gave Order For Navy SEAL Eddie Gallagher To Keep Trident Pin | Hallie Jackson | MSNBC
Esper: Trump Gave Order For Navy SEAL Eddie Gallagher To Keep Trident Pin | Hallie Jackson | MSNBC
Controversial firing of Navy secretary Richard Spencer, after everything that went down in the Eddie Gallagher, Kazar Courtney QB just spoke with the man who effectively fired Spencer, the defense secretary. So he spoke extensively about how this all went down. He said that he found out Friday afternoon after a meeting at the White House, which we reported on over the weekend, where she and secretary or secretary, asked for and general Mark milley, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs, the president specifically about the Eddie Gallagher case and Also, these other cases that the president pardoned Makela seen and Clint lorance we found apparently when they walked out of that meeting. Another senior White House official pull them aside and said. Oh secretary Spencer, has been brokering the secret proposal to try to keep Clint Eddie Gallagher. Keep his Trident in Secretary S4 said he laid out a whole list of things, values that he said. Second Spencer was defying My Fault. By trying to create the speaker proposal, he said that he he he’s not supposed to discuss sense of the conversations and he supposed to keep his chain-of-command informed on decision. So after that, on Saturday, secretary S4 called President Trump, I’m going to ask for the Navy secretary resignation, President Trump agreed and on Sunday afternoon, secretary asper called secretary Spencer and asked for his resignation. He said that fit Spencer took the whole call in stride and offered to have his resignation letter to him and 30. We’Ve all seen that resignation letter now it doesn’t seem likely that that letter was written in 30 minutes. Secretary S4 also confirmed the secretary Spencer called him and told him that he was considering or likely to resign if the whole the Gallagher case, if a president interfere with it, for just that, in fact, it was true. The other thing that he said it was very interesting. As you know, the story is so confusing because you know here we have secretary Spencer, saying he would resign over a decision that then he tried to broker the deal decision, but then he got fired over. So we did find out. Is it in fact President Trump is the one who ordered that the defense secretary to to allow Eddie Gallagher to keep his Trident in? So we know now me, President Trump got what he wanted. Eddie Gallagher, Cactus, Trident pin and secretary Spencer was was still forced to resign. / fired over it Spencer. The way that Spencer Franklin earlier in the show seemed to take the commander and chief Eddie Gallagher. He specifically, but there’s a passage in the resignation letter that specifically addresses what seems to be the Eddie Gallagher case. We haven’t heard directly from Spencer he’s not giving putting out any kind of statement Beyond this, but directly about that. He said he didn’t want to characterize. Spencer’S thoughts or his motivations thank you for checking out our YouTube channel subscribe. It’S really easy! Just click on that button down there and four more news from MSNBC who’s here for the latest interviews and highlights you can get more videos from MSNBC with our newsletters head over to newsletters, to sign up
Following the firing of Navy Secretary Richard Spencer, Defense Secretary Mark Esper said that President Donald Trump ordered that Navy SEAL Eddie Gallagher should keep his gold Trident pin and elaborated on what led to Spencer’s resignation. Aired on 11/25/19.
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Esper: Trump Gave Order For Navy SEAL Eddie Gallagher To Keep Trident Pin | Hallie Jackson | MSNBC

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