EU leaders agree Brexit deal – BBC News

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EU leaders agree Brexit deal – BBC News
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EU leaders agree Brexit deal – BBC News
He said that, after months of intense negotiations, the two sides have reached agreement on the two separate texts: a legally-binding withdrawal agreement on the political decoration witch that side. Of course, what the relationship between the UK on the you might look like off the brexit, the last-minute hitch yesterday Theresa may not vote on the deal in the UK call montonati is looking quite tricky. She’S written an open letter in the newspapers today to the British people. Judging support for had breaks it punk. I would bring you all the latest kid from Brussels examining the gene for the UK, of course, for Europe at the prime minister in the building that we expect that she will get about 90 minutes with the European leaders this afternoon. While talk about process and what comes next, she might have in Westminster with the deal. So, let’s bring in a political editor Laura to join me head wow. That was quick. The table he was going to be the winner we was going to be a loser, was really interesting this morning as well. The European leaders arriving, I felt they don’t read the same script. How difficult is going to be for the day after when we think of meaningful vote is going to be in the British Parliament to imagine that the next time we all might be here will be the day after it’s either going through Parliament, in which case you’ll Be able to hear it or it’s being rejected by Parliament and then the reason I over here asking for Franklin who knows what some kind of getting up off the heads up. Many members of the public think she’s in the face of all of these warring colleagues. You’Re, absolutely right, we are at the beginning of what is a very small and very scripted number 10 operation to persuade the nation that this is something that is imperative, but there is no Kerrville auction. This is the deal I know some ham and peas are being irresponsible or childish elves. If they don’t, you know we joked about it a bit, but I think it’s right. It’S a kind of X-ray, since it’s going to be this or Armageddon. That’S the way that these groups within the cabinet that I have for man. You got the remainder Groove. You got the Michael J, brexit Tia group, purest brexit ears, who are very unhappy about who was the remainder of his 900 trying to push for the kind of feel that he thinks you get through Parliament, and then you have for my Romaine or two are very Much in the camper, because this is what we have complexion to tears – zarzas remain or some high-end. Of course, if the deal where to fall that would forward some very difficult decisions for different groups in Minnesota states of the level just underneath the cabinet there are Minister, do I spoken to in the last couple weeks to say at that point they might consider leaving Government, in order to argue for something else, my single people who haven’t resigned up until this moment have made your decision already, which is to go with this, is the best tasting R22 trying to push for this to try to persuade their Batman college that this is The best case scenario they still isn’t here, but of course there are ministers thinking about what they do with this post, because right now the minds of MPS in two weeks time. We just talk, and I would underlying enough things to change the next Fortnight to to say today really can’t say that, because two weeks of debate probably very angry argument, questions of diets of decisions are yet to make. Thank you very much. I am work, use my team sabine’s. If I need to reach a deal, are you at work? We have work. I have work cuz my team and negotiate the Windsor UK never again, and I want to British tea now it’s time for everybody to take their responsibility. You can t you, we need to build this unprecedented and ambitious partnership.
The UK’s withdrawal agreement from the European Union has been approved by EU leaders, its chief official Donald Tusk has announced.

The 27 leaders gave it their backing after less than an hour’s discussion in Brussels.

Mr Tusk signalled on Saturday that the deal would be approved after Spain withdrew last-minute concerns over Gibraltar.

The deal needs to be approved by the UK Parliament, with many MPs opposed.

Mr Tusk, the president of the European Council, broke the news on Twitter.

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