Eurovision 2019 caught in controversy in Israel

Eurovision 2019 caught in controversy in Israel
Eurovision 2019 caught in controversy in Israel
That is Greece’s country in the Eurovision song contest canadian-born Katerina discuss with her song better love. Now the 29 year-old will take to the stage just a few hours from now when the final of the annual competition gets underway in Tel Aviv, Israel yelling at advoc to visit a little bit more. This isn’t the first time that there has been a Canadian who’s committed for another country on purpose. When it comes to geography, I mean, when you think of countries like Australia being allowed to compete a couple of years back. They were entered as just a friendly kind of competition and then just stuck around has been in part of the competition you’re up. So this is something that is part of the spirit of this overall Festival. It’S about unity and bringing everyone together. Okay, we’re going to hold that for a second, as I give you a little bit of a look Spirit of community and bringing everyone together, you’ve got countries represented, I mention Australia, but also got the Netherlands in their Albania. Sweden, Serbia, Russia, Azerbaijan, Denmark, Norway. So this is something that Millions upon millions of people do watch for and not just in Europe, because of course, many Canadians, even if you are maybe more ensconced in North American Style, singing competitions, many hail from you. It is interesting because the person who isn’t reported to a sponsored her performance with paid for it is the Canadian Israeli billionaire and some philanthropist on the other side of the spectrum, have a listen in today’s era of social media. Three people in a boiler room can make a lot of noise, but I think it’s, I think it’s without substance, and I think that these Bulldog recovery, much they’re, they’re, basically ignorant, and I would invite them to come here in and inexperience say Eurovision in Israel for Themselves and maybe they have their eyes open, ramped up to the competition
Eurovision 2019 has become the latest cultural event hosted in Israel that has become a flashpoint in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Many Israelis say they have every right to put on an international festival. But Palestinians say the festival simply amounts to a “whitewash” of the Israeli occupation.
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Music video credit: Katerine Duska/Minos EMI/YouTube

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