‘Every day I go to work and pray I’m safe’ – BBC News

‘Every day I go to work and pray I’m safe’ – BBC News
Every day go to work, 5 minutes per room. So what’s the side bedroom bathroom for the way the linen bring the new linen and take the garbage out the vacuum. I will straight. I will touch up one of the most densely populated cities in the world when a room up on the floor as she’s, basically by yourself. There’S that imbalance between someone who’s, that invisible back-of-the-house worker, whose cleaning rooms and someone who can afford to spend thousands of dollars per night on a Manhattan hotel room, because I have children if something happened to take care. That’S what I think about that. I have enough free time ring the bell three times after the third time. We end tell housekeeping when I open the door, make sure that no guests in the room, if somebody’s in the movie us maybe come in the gas, just hold on and open the door. But this man play this naked. I had a situation, I went to get Linen and he had a robe on and he just took his real well, but he was completely naked on the news. His head is a moving to touch his private. It’S crazy! You just trying to get out panic button button by 100 %. I feel she’s in danger to summon help immediately with these devices. All you have to do is just literally hit a button. Cuz, our Union has power. We were able to make it so that the industry had to purchase new panic button devices and install these expensive systems so that women didn’t have to just kind of normalizing, except these instances of harassment any longer, but could sound the alarm trigger the device? Will press the panic button help will arrive to that Wilmington as precise location immediately, how you doing Security Office, everything okay in Our Hope, again being that this is able to prevent an attack or an assault. It’S a solution to what is a significant and prevalent, and it is unfortunate that the vast majority of hotel workers don’t have the sort of protection, particularly given you know how widespread the problem is. Somebody tell me how you you don’t know. Everybody should have the pennant button.
Hotel room cleaners have long battled sexual harassment by guests. Here’s how a group of them in New York City are protecting themselves.

Video by Hannah Long-Higgins

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