Every Positions Top Graded Player

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Every Positions Top Graded Player
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Every Positions Top Graded Player
Starting a quarterback, it is Drew Brees 94.7 on the throw throw bases just edges out Patrick Mahomes, despite having a little bit lower volume than the home to probably going to win the MVP but breathe had the lowest percentage of grated Frozen. The league, you finished number one in adjusted, completion percentage and accuracy percentage. That’S our proprietary, stat accuracy percentage where we show actual ball location and say: please was over 70 %, the only quarterback in the league at that level. At running back, it’s a Nick Chubb, the rookie from the Cleveland Browns an 87.5 overall grade. He didn’t have the volume of some of the other running back, put on a play for play basis. He led the league with 2.47 yards after contact for Rush that led to the number one overall rushing rate at 90.2 and despite having only 192 carries, he finished. Fourth in the league, with 44 missed tackles on the ground at all, led to a number one ranking in elusive rating. That’S our way of saying did you force missed tackles? Did you create yards after contact? Yes, you did Nick Chubb number one at 103.3 at wide receiver is DeAndre Hopkins of the Houston. Texans is 92.5 trade best overall grade weed to give it a receiver since 2006, and he did it because he was the most efficient receiver in the league, 115 catches and no drop. That is the best we’ve ever seen from a receiver. The most catches, without a drop with a hundred you also converted, 81 first downs or touchdowns with led the NFL in quarterbacks, had a passer rating of one 18.8 when targeting Hopkins the season at tight end of the San Francisco 49ers leaving yards by a tight end In history also the most yards after the catch in PFF history with 873 – that was 299 more than fellow tight end Travis Kelce this year and don’t forget Kittle, is also an excellent run-blocker. He finish: number five in the league with a 73.3 run-blocking grade, an excellent overall season for fiddle and offense of tackle. It is David bakhtiari of the Green Bay Packers, with his 88.3 gradall to engrave 3.6 with 5 far lead the NFL. The only allowed 25 pressures on 737 attempts, but even out of those 25 pressures, only a handful of really quick, decisive losses by Tre is the Premier pass blocking offensive tackle in the NFL these days. Now that Joe Thomas at the tired and he’s also a solid run-blocker Edgardo was Shaq Mason of the New England Patriots with an 82.1 overall grade. He does his best work as a run blocker. He had the top rated among all guards at 77.8 and he continues to him who has a pass. Blocker allowed only 16 pressures on 526 attempts at Center is Jason Kelce of the Philadelphia Eagles at 84.9. He was excellent as a pass. Blocker ranking number two at 87.7, but also had the top block and graded 82.9 Kelsey is incredible and space. He moves like a linebacker. The only allowed 10 tractors on 657 attempts this season, including no sacks the top-rated Edge Defender this year, was Calais, Campbell of the Jacksonville Jaguars 91.1, while other guys had better Seasons as pass-rushers weather was JJ Watt Khalil Mack D ford-class was a stud against the run. Regraded at 92.802 points higher than the next closest Edge Defender today, cloudy with 56 and defensive stops at seven more than the next closest Edge. He was also solid as a pass-rusher as well yet 53 total pressures – that’s 11, sacks 11 QB hit and 31 Hardee’s on the defensive interior nose. Try to your Aaron Donald to his 95.5 overall grade. That’S the best we’ve ever given a defensive. Lineman use the second player since 2006 to record more than 100 pressures yet 106 on the season that led the NFL by far 21 sacks 22v hits and 65 Hardee’s by PFF numbers and as disruptive as he is as a pass-rusher Donald is still excellent. In the Run game, you have the number two overall grade against the run at 9351., 7 more than the next-closest interior, defensive lineman at linebacker is Bobby Wagner of the Seattle Seahawks with a 1.9 overall grade. He was on his way to a perfect season, but he finally missed his first tackle of the year in week, 17. Still incredible, only one missed the entire year on 138th. Tackle attempt Wagner finish number one in PFF rating for the number to run defense rated 91.8 got his hands on the wall, seven times had an interception and he did not allow any touchdowns in coverage at cornerback. It was Stephon Gilmore of the New England Patriots and a 90.7 overall grade at 18, pass break up to five more than her back and opposing quarterbacks completed, only 6.7 % of their passes into Gilmore coverage. That was second best in the NFL and its safety of Eddie Jackson of the Chicago Bears and 93.2 overall grade, but it was, as 94.7 covered grade that five far ranked number cuz. He was around the ball the entire year six interceptions ranked 2nd and 8th pass breakup ranks first among all safeties Eddie Jackson,
Pro Football Focus breaks down the top rated player at each position following the 2018 NFL Season.

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