‘Everybody Failed Here’: Will Acosta Be Held Accountable? | Morning Joe | MSNBC

‘Everybody Failed Here’: Will Acosta Be Held Accountable? | Morning Joe | MSNBC
‘Everybody Failed Here’: Will Acosta Be Held Accountable? | Morning Joe | MSNBC
Yeah, let’s go and talk about the day. Labor secretary Alex Acosta defending his role in cutting a sweetheart deal for wealthy sex offender Jeffrey Epstein a decade ago, a 2008 nonprofit an agreement that let the wealthy financier avoid the possibility of a lengthy jail sentence and violated a law to notify victims. According to a recent Court ruling, critics AR Casas offer also shielded other who may have been implicated in Epstein’s misconduct. So some would say this is a favor for a lot of different people. A person familiar with the matter tells NBC news that President Trump spoke to Acosta by phone on play afternoon and urged him to hold a news conference to answer reporters questions about the case, Acosta red and 8 minutes statement and took questions for about 45 minutes victims. Reluctant to be identified and the times they were in started get initially by the state of Florida and not by the US attorney’s office. The Palm Beach State Attorney’s office was ready to let Epstein walk free, no jail time nothing. I found this to be completely unacceptable and they became involved. Our office became involved without the work of our prosecutors. Epstein would have gotten away with just that state charge so secretary at the point, the finger at the Palm Beach County State Attorney Barry Christian respondents. Last night he said that he can quote emphatic Lee state that secretary Acosta is completely wrong in a statement Christian said in Park, Federal need to State prosecutors. That’S not how the system works in the real world. The US attorney’s office produced a 53-page indictment that was abandoned after secret negotiations between Mr Epstein’s lawyers in mr. Acosta. The state attorney’s office was not a part to those meetings, are negotiations and definitely had no part in the federal non-prosecution agreement and the unusual confidentiality agreement. They kept everything hidden from the victim’s, was truly concerned with the states and felt he had to rescue the matter. He would have moved forward with the 53 page indictment that his own office drafted instead mr. Acosta broker to secret plea deal. They resulted in a non-prosecution agreement in violation of the crime victims rights acts, that is the Palm Beach County attorney Mica firing back at secretary Acosta. Prince came to be, but first last night, former US attorney in NBC News law enforcement. Analyst Chuck Rosenberg had a strong fact check of Acosta. We want to play for you now. The moral argument dispersed with Chuck analysis. The Palm Beach State Attorney’s office was ready to wet Epstein, walk free, no jail time. Nothing had the complete ability to bring charges federal aid. These cases are complex, especially when they involve children, scared and traumatized refusing to testify. He had more than 30 minor child victims in this case, even if a bunch of them didn’t want to testify – and I completely understand that some number would a question two terms of that ultimatum. What’S called the non-prosecution agreement that they didn’t, they had the Quantum of proof they needed. They simply couldn’t continue the investigation until they did. There was no sort of timestamp on this. There was no urgency to negotiate a non Process Equipment. Getting a guilty plea. Don’T normally, we don’t routinely or almost ever and cases with a non-prosecution agreement. If we don’t have a case, we simply don’t bring it and bring Federal indictment, thousands of prosecutors and cops and agents around the country making difficult sex crimes cases. The notion that we couldn’t bring such a case all the way back in 2007, is deeply wrong and deeply dangerous and deeply insulting for the men and women who are doing this kind of work. Thanks for being on this morning, I’m in Chuck Rosenberg really refuted pretty much everything Acosta said in that news conference yesterday. How does this play out moving forward? Doing it seems like every point is made can be undermined and at some point does a casa get held accountable from this Administration. Is this loyalty to the president or witnessed and not misconduct, if even get off now it’s wrongdoing, her fault she’s not going to get sued for it as a prosecutor, because prosecutors have a tremendous amount of discretion to decide whether to bring cases and look. Sometimes you just make a bad call and what he should have done. It said I made a bad call. I exercise my discretion to pull away and I’m profoundly sorry, but you just didn’t do that. So I think maybe he takes a little bit of a reputation for a while, but until the president decides that he’s done with Alex Acosta Alex Acosta remain labor secretary. This isn’t a close call, though, is it here. You have a guy that had over 30 victims. Would already come forward at that point, and not only did he give this guy a sweetheart deal, he made sure no one else could prosecute him anywhere, the United States of America. That is not a missed call. That’S it! That’S not it Just failing on the margins. That’S for more than that. exercise of poor judgment. I don’t think it’s. Let’S not give the Palm Beach County State’s Attorney’s office. They signed off on that 13 months. Deal that actually had Epstein able to come to work everyday. It was a slap on the wrist to we have to focus our attention on Acosta, as the federal prosecutor here he’s at the top of the pecking order of law enforcement down there for some of the contact if he was found with child pronography on his computer. So in this fight between the locals and the FEDS, I think we’re looking away from the conduct of the local on-the-job to everybody failed here and thankfully, the New York Federal prosecutors have picked up the ball and hopefully will advance this forward in the way that the Victims and these crimes deserve was ability to be held accountable, I think other than the United States, everybody that I’ve heard from thought. Everybody that I read thought that Acosta did an absolutely miserable performance Shades. A telling reporters off the Record that actually Acosta hurt his chances of surviving out what politically politically, what was yesterday’s press conference? Everyone settled here in town Joe, the idea that cost of did not go out. There is a Firebrand, as we saw in the Kavanaugh hearings. Part 2 we’re after the break, Kavanaugh came back and really Lino show that he was fight for this. This argument that, on behalf of his appointment and here you didn’t see it cost to make the case to the president, why he should stay the way. The president. Typically likes to see it, which is to go push back against the system, make the the proper noise, so that did weakened his position inside the administration, with the president. To the extent that this continues to Jonathan’s are reporting earlier that, if this continues to be for Acosta with the president, if he doesn’t come back and just forcefully assert his case in the way, the president would like to see it. snow starting yourself forcefully in defending Yourself before it’s fully, sometimes you just clear, even when we go back to that 2002 party, where Donald Trump and Epstein we’re having a party by themselves and with all of those calendar, girls, the guy that was bringing the cow Thunder girls down, and I put that In quotation marks, warned him of his reputation. Call New Yorker magazine that Epstein like when you got a lot of high-powered attorneys in a lot of money. You can cause a higher-profile problem for Julie Brown. Miami Herald piece really lays this out. I’M talking about in front of the interplay between how the prosecutors and the defense attorneys were talking to each other from one of the articles that one of the prosecutors towering the federal code for misdemeanors chica charged trying to avoid. It appears that they were just trying to avoid publicity. Could a better term for the process of your job is to protect. The public against New York has taken music changed, since this came out that new. The way we treat victims of thousand for it is never been the case that prosecutors have been reluctant to believe the views of sexist survivors, afraid of bringing these cases, for I think that he is not the way it works and he should have known better than To make a comment like that, as the repeal back this story story we’re finding that Natalie Acosta and the US attorney’s office failed. You also heard Elliott’s criticism of what happened in Palm Beach. You also now we’re getting reports out of New York that the DA’s office in New York did not check on all that did not make Epstein check in regularly at the New York City Police check. In regularly, we’ve heard that the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office would allow him being picked up by his valet. Everybody was allowing this guy to get away with rape little girls slapping him on the wrist and doing everything they could to play nice with Jeffrey Epstein and a question. It’S an incredibly painful story from the point of view of the victims, in the only legitimate apology that I could possibly have made yesterday would be the oldest one would be to say I led a wealthy, powerful person get the better of a justice system. We all know all equal in the eyes of the law. This case suggest, if your Jeffrey Epstein and you have clouds – and you can use your money in your power because you have potentially political influence as well, and you can get away with this kind of thing. That was the only apology. It was not a question of being able to say I did the best possible job. I did go back in 2018, it’s not the case. That’S what didn’t take into account the fact that stories might change a little victim, shaming with allow. This is not very long ago is a case of somebody who is and Powerful being able to get away with a horse Behavior because he can use his political clouds. Our conversation we just had how possible is it that this is just a miserable job done by Alex Acosta, but he was just out of his job. How possible is it that just Jeffrey Epstein raped young girls in this grand scheme? How possible is it that this wasn’t some scheme that involved a lot of powerful men who wanted to cover for themselves and have some sort of deal going with Alex Acosta, and that is why I wonder how there could be no legal ramifications for those in charge Here, for those who are in charge of protecting the victims and instead covered up for Jeffrey Epstein, but you got to be kidding me in here: does anyone disagree well, first of all, that’s why one of the reasons why the southern district investigation of New York’s investigation Into these charges is going to be so important because we’re going find out, there have been people who have accused others, and the Miami Herald has reported that we know that Jeffrey Epstein had power that could scare off prosecutor, perhaps because of my powerful lawyers. Because of money, but also you have to go back to this time. And see that he was closely connected with Donald Trump. As we said, he and Trump would have parties by themselves at Mar-A-Lago, shut the whole place down by themselves and bringing girls for themselves. If you don’t think that didn’t get around Palm Beach, everybody knew that he was connected with Trump, who was one of the most powerful forces Palm Beach at the time, throwing around money. And then, of course, when you go to the state of New York, you have recently retired the 40th president of 42nd, President of the United States, Bill Clinton, who flew over with him regularly. You also course Very powerful lawyers like Alan dershowitz swerve, connected with with Jeffrey Epstein dershowitz was quoted, saying. If you were in New York City, you had to know Donald Trump and Jeffrey Epstein and hang out with them, because they were the epicenter of power. It’S his word. So if you got to ask a question: what’s it about money, wasn’t about the powerful lawyers or was it about the powerful people that Jeffrey Epstein always surrounded himself with this investigation unfolds exactly who was with him on his Island and is Manhattan townhouse? Well, some very bad things were going on labor secretary intresting, Elliot Williams. Thank you very much, MSNBC thanks. So much
Labor Secretary Alex Acosta defended his role on Wednesday as then-U.S attorney in south Florida in cutting a deal for sex offender Jeffrey Epstein more than a decade ago that critics have called too lenient. He signaled that he has no intention of resigning.
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‘Everybody Failed Here’: Will Acosta Be Held Accountable? | Morning Joe | MSNBC

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