Ex-Marine volunteers to save livestock from California fires

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Ex-Marine volunteers to save livestock from California fires
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tonight’s of firefighter killed in the line of duty near Sequoia Kings national parks being remembered as one of the best just 33 years old Brian Hughes was battling the Ferguson Fire as part of a team of elite Hot Shots when he was struck by a tree and died a short while later deuces are second fatality attached to this this fire in Mariposa County and what I would like to attempt it convey and extend to you and they can be especially or Cooperators and professionals assign it as fire is from the hearts of the citizens in Mariposa County it’s hard to it’s hard to articulate but our community just wants to come back thanks and respect and the feeling of weight on their heart says they recognize that these professionals are here helping our families Donahue’s the Carnage and Devastation the list of Heroes like Hughes is growing and then I’ll include a former Marine Tucker Zimmerman thanks for joining us here okay so I understand that this is really grown you got a Facebook page and when you get information from people about where animals have been left behind you now have 30 to 60 people helping U Bar trailer from your job where you work at what motivated you go out there and start trying to go back to places where people left their livestock behind driven thing that was instilled in me and being retired for two years I felt a void in my heart that I didn’t know I had until Thursday morning at 7:30 when I seen the news and it brought me to here to where I was able to evacuate and and people and I helped out a local emergency personnel and provide a place for sanctuary and now of morale booster with common communication through cowboy 9-1-1 Facebook page information about where these animals are left behind and where help may be needed you can try to motivate those other volunteers that you have up to 60 of them that we talked about 20 to 30 trucks trying to get these animals are there I know you’ve come across human so you’ve had to say you got to go to and help them get out but let me ask you this do you think people have gotten enough of a warning we heard from one man who lost his wife and two of his great-grandchildren and he said simply they didn’t have enough I wasn’t enough warning time but I think we kind of got caught into we are in a mountainous terrain area and we’ve seen a lot of fires and how they move and how they devastated but this one was not a fire that we were ready to even foresee it came through here so fast it doubled in size in one night it was as fast as I can run down the road that the fire was literally chasing us and and the devastation is just overwhelming at times but we just keep our heads up and we take care of our people and and we rallied together we’re Shasta County people like Justin Jones in in a Cody Jones they they provide their facilities they provide their knowledge to provide their work ethic and they keep me and drive and all the other there is dozens and dozens and dozens of people that volunteered their time their assets to help us an injustice and keep piling these fire Crews that are going out there there voluntarily walking to these situations trying to save property trying to save lives often at the cost of their own lives as we see we saw a picture that went will this weekend about exhausted firefighters who just curled up with their equipment in someone’s yard after they save the house and where they’re sleeping what is the toll like there because we hear the conditions as you mentioned I’m one of the reports we saw tonight was that there’s so much Drive serial The Windsor whipping up that there’s just so much feeding the Spire that it’s nearly impossible to get these places under control and it’s got to be absolutely exhausting for everyone who volunteers all the way through these Crews were trying to help folks yeah I mean we’re looking at I know personally last night I slept for a whole grand total of an hour the night before 2 or 3 hours the night before that two or three hours I don’t think I slept on Thursday night on the couch I’ve been asleep on the couch for the last for 5 days and getting up as soon as my phone rings and watching the next course of action that CD Cal Fire comes out with and we just formulate a plan and we rally today get our team going in and that’s how we do our effort out here and it’s just you know it is a firing and you just got to deal with that you can’t you can’t force you can’t change it but you just got to deal with it behind saying that this is so reassuring to them to know that someone is there at 8 give them a mental boost knowing they may have lost everything to think maybe their animals have been saved in the process and as we said you come across humans have been able to help as well as a marine we know that you take I leaving no one behind very seriously thank you for stepping up and doing this and for all of the other Crews and folks were out there a Tucker we thank you I think you will continue to follow your story again Cowboy 9-1-1 on Facebook if you have a concern that they can help out with thanks Tucker
California wildfires rage on, but a hero emerges. Tucker Zimmerman shares his story on ‘Fox News @ Night.’

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