Ex-Trump exec: Taping conversations is normal for Trump

you tonight Rudy Giuliani slamming Michael Cohen for taping conversations with Trump and others claiming it as evidence that cone is an unethical person who lacks character for a long time why do your crying about it you have no character you forfeiting your car I said very few people doing you’ve been there you say taping conversations without permission was business as usual for Trump and his team right back to the John Barron tapes which we all heard so we knew he tape-recorded his own conversations but further I was actually born hurricane the President Chief Operating Officer of the organization my boss at the time Steve Hyde came to me and said hey you have a lot of conversations with Donald you’re going to be on the phone a lot just be aware that somebody’s always going to be listening it might be recorded and it might just be somebody else in the office listening in on the conversations but I was very aware that your conversations were being heard by more than just Donald Trump when you spoke to him did you told us when you’re ready for this interview that you swept your office for bugs more than once in a single year because you were so concerned I did you know there’s a lot going on in the business and I became vicious early on when I moved into the president’s office and I did ask our security people to Sweet the office and then it did become a regular thing like every 6 months I had you know somebody go through the office one of our surveillance people just to make sure we weren’t doing anything wrong but you know the red flags went off a couple time times when I was on on calls and some you know with Donald son without him well you know listen I’m not a technical guy and I would think would be a bad recording of somebody if you could hear sounds but you know that the clicks of things going on and off at certain times in conversations that mostly led me to believe that it was something in New York but I just want to make sure it wasn’t something in my office as well I mean you know I mean that you believe I just want to be clear right you think that this came from the top of that this was just this was how he Donald Trump it was business as usual for him and quite frankly Aaron part of it was from an administrative standpoint that somebody would listen in at the time is Administrative Assistant normal photo her I think she listen to a lot of conversations and I think that was just to keep Donald in line but further I’ve been in the room with him when he’s had other people sitting in there any puts you any in and you don’t he doesn’t identify that there’s other people listening in on the conversation and so he has a voyeur piece to him you know that he does quite frequently different types of calls obviously been in the room with him in his office as well and then and I in a professional setting is so I won’t play for you jack part of the tape since since you’ve dealt with the president so much that Michael Cohen released this is Cohen talking to Trump about the king of the playmate paying for the playmate alleged affair with Trump here’s the clip lawyer says Trump is say paying cash which obviously would imply a lot of shady things Giuliani Trump saying pay by check check was just saying okay the cash and saying check as in check off an item on his to-do list someone who’s been in these rooms who’s heard the present has heard the words he uses what do you hear well I heard something different and I did listen to the tapes what * what I heard in the way I interpreted the word check was an affirmation is this is how I want it done which is I’m surprised nobody else has brought this up because it is the way or an affirmation of what formation of paying with cash because that is how he would say cash check as in you get it correct and so that’s how I interpreted that look I could be wrong but it sounded feasible to me that that’s what he was saying he can’t exactly what you need to know there a particular verbal text and what they do and what they say certainly are your opinion more informed then then met in the most to our listening to this Jack I appreciate your time and thank you so much thank you
Former Vice President of Trump Plaza casino in Atlantic City Jack O’Donnell says taping private conversations was business as usual for President Donald Trump and his team.

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