EXCLUSIVE – Chief Raoni Metuktire: ‘We need the support of everybody’ to save the Amazon

EXCLUSIVE – Chief Raoni Metuktire: ‘We need the support of everybody’ to save the Amazon
EXCLUSIVE – Chief Raoni Metuktire: ‘We need the support of everybody’ to save the Amazon
For our guest today is kayaba here he is leading the fight to protect indigenous peoples of the Amazon Don the climax organization in Bordeaux. Are you afraid of losing the entire Forest? I want my Jacob welcome. You might as well. The forest is burning a lot and the agricultural Productions are being expanding a narrow land. From what I see horizontal Inside Out land is where we still find some wild animals, which is on the case halves. Were we don’t see animals elsewhere than an hour? Language is a physical nature. Illegal deforestation seems to be a lost cause in these Regions, they’re very poor, and I get the impression that sometimes people just need to use the lands to live. Well. Mama don’t agree with what you say. This is why the produces should use the land which is already ready for agriculture. You don’t have to fall the trees so that you have to make use of the land which already exists without taking away more trees. Assassination of the YP Chief in the north of Brazil. Give rise to a wave of international outrage. Are the threats on indigenous peoples? Even worse than they were in the past, America’s Best Allentown school didn’t used to listen to this kind of threats. Authorities with the former presidents, we had to better relationship policies protect to the areas for the engines. Productions have to go into our land, listen to the weather. Bolsonaro thinks they can do whatever they want with the Indians impunity. That might have been the chief of the wire piece. According to me, it’s the ideas of both Erykah Badu is Def. I want to sell so that in the fullness centuries and engines fast, Sunny, yeah animated Summit in Biarritz get any concrete support. Him just cost us help. So we could read it. Rihanna macron, a child me that the financial support he has promised what’s already guaranteed. I didn’t see also told me that he will send help control the fires in order to protect the Amazonian Forest Walmart Kilmarnock president, a planned against deforestation. Will that be enough to save the Amazon forest of Amazonia? It would be very good if United Nations would create a working group to protect Amazonia. We have to do our best to prevent the agricultural production to gain ground. Maryland is my opinion and its really lucky that the whole world is becoming aware of the importance of the zodiac will be enough to save the Amazon. Can Amazon be safe, be extinct, financial-aid should be consistent. There’S no way out. Sonya is the only solution to breathing. You actually asking president bolsonaro to do not made for this position. He says things that even crazy people, dumpsite is indigenous chief. This is why I do not want them to be president of Brazil. Can you take the battle after you in the next generation? People would like to take care of our land. I support them. They have to go on with the struggle the way I did it so that someday they’ll be able to go on living in the future. Concretely, what can indigenous peoples in the tribes and in the forest? What can they do to fight against these invasions? How can I protect the forest? Young Generation is not valuing our heritage and their way of life. It don’t pay any respect, Traditions, most of them cut. The hair and change their mindset it scares me can be by giving away whatever they have to the why people still end up with nothing respect our values. Continue your fight for the same opinions that I have in the struggle to save our land, our people. Many of the younger ones that are in alcohol, able to transfer to them all might experience whatever. I have learned to defend our life in our forest, so I don’t know who’s going to step in. How do you get the future of the Amazon? Generally speaking, because we have to unite to prevent the worst any support his welcome to get on this way, Amazon this why we should Carry On The Struggle. Thank you very much Chief round me thank you for watching and please stay with us.
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Amid global concern over the fires in the Amazon rainforest, FRANCE 24 spoke to Chief Raoni Metuktire, indigenous leader of the Kayapo people. “We need the support of everybody” to save the Amazon, he told FRANCE 24’s Fanny Lothaire. “Financial aid should be consistent. Amazonia is the only solution to guarantee the air we’re breathing,” the 89-year-old indigenous chief added. Chief Raoni also hit out at Brazilian leader Jair Bolsonaro, saying he “shouldn’t be president anymore”.

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