Explosive allegations surrounding CBS CEO

the explosive allegations running CBS CEO Les moonves accused of sexual misconduct dozens of current and former CVS employees reportedly Legend of culture of harassment and retaliation at the Network receiver program Les moonves ahead of CBS under investigation for sexual misconduct and the company he’s run for two decades accused of turning a blind eye to a culture of harassment the New Yorker releasing an expose by Ronan Farrow featuring allegations from sick women against the CBS chairman that range from inappropriate kissing to sexual assault these are all stories in which women said one after another that they were terrified and intimidated and that they felt their careers suffered as well in the article the emmy-nominated actress and writer Illeana Douglas known for her roles in Goodfellas and six feet under describes what she calls a sexual assault that occurred during a meeting with moonves for a show she was cast in she claims he held her down and begin violently kissing her and even pulled up her skirt Douglas as she tried to talk her way out of the encounter but afterwards was fired and told my moonves she would never work at this network again moonves trying to kiss Douglas but denies sexually assaulting her but the article went further alleging a pattern of harassment at CBS News including 60 Minutes claiming that met on the show accused of sexual misconduct were promoted Vanessa company paid settlement one former employee claiming I had several producers and editors over the age of 60 who would greet me by kissing me on the map we did hear from dozens and dozens of current and former employees that they had seen a culture of harassment and retaliation and that flowed from mr. moonves two different facets of this company including the news division to the allegation saying I recognized that there were times decades ago when I may have made some women uncomfortable by making advances those were mistakes and I regret them immensely but I always understood and respected and abide by principle that no means no and I have never miss use my position to harm or hinder anyone’s career and at CVS starts their investigation Sylmar question the timing of these allegations CVS is in the middle of a heated murder battle is Viacom and now summer alleging these claims Mason from that corporate dispute but I’m responding saying that she is behind those allegations is false and self CVS saying they will fully investigate these sexual misconduct claims at that the board will promptly review the findings and they will take the appropriate action Tom already
Dozens of current and former CBS employees have reportedly alleged culture of harassment and retaliation.

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