Face to face with ‘IS captors’ – BBC News

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Face to face with ‘IS captors’ – BBC News
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in the river Euphrates and the worst experience pools is Gang of British jihadists moon to their prisoners as the Beatles but we don’t know exactly what is because he and his British French and American cellmate removed regularly to prevent any Western rescue attempt once and I a strong hold this Grandma belongs to the cards High School destroyed by a coalition airstrike of sunlight from underneath his blindfold we are here in the room reminder and you see this one was born here in this is prison he was held nearby because we had the screams of the torture and the dying on a daily basis yeah we spend three months here in Salt Lake. eventually his government securities Freedom ransoms were paid then he went back to work but his car is not complete here on the main suspected of imprisoning him Alexander kuti Adele Shuffle shake or accused of torturing and killing 27 hostages recalled wants to confront them he says they’re colored who fled the battlefield they refused to answer his question and quickly bring the interview to Holt before he leaves he takes picture but they want to nice afterwards give me his reaction to the meeting the first thing I think when I saw them was Gaddafi the death penalty the importance of calculus as I’m not dead or in jail and the opportunity to survive but more than that he’s had the courage to return here so that these dark horse won’t be forgotten in Summerville BBC News rocker
Spanish photojournalist Ricardo Vilanova was held captive by Islamic State militants in Syria for eight months before he was freed in 2014.
He says that his tormentors were a group of four British jihadists, dubbed “The Beatles” by their captives.
Now he has returned to the country and met two of the men accused of holding him hostage.

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