Facebook lost more than $100 billion in just one day

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Facebook lost more than $100 billion in just one day
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Facebook is having a really really bad day how bad the social media stock is down about 20% its worst daily Wipeout ever the plunge wiped out more than 100 billion of its market value the biggest decline for any US Stock American history the amount of its loss is bigger than the total value of many well-known us companies such as American Express Costco and Starbucks Facebook which a night earlier hit a new high as such faceplant investors that like Facebook last night are suddenly rethinking their affair with the high-flying social media stock as a result of Mark Zuckerberg by about 15 billion in a single day what caused The Break-Up last night the stock tank after the company said its growth is slowing will come in lower the Year Facebook is also spending more on cyber security after the user privacy data scandal the stock is down nearly 40 bucks from yesterday’s close around 175 to 180 and share the sharp decline on Wall Street debate or sell it now somewhere to give up on Facebook while 1 hours drop his price Target to $200 a share down from to 4200 still more than 12% higher than current levels Facebook at the height of the Cambridge analytica Scandal the risk is it Facebook’s days as a fast-growing company are behind it if that turns out to be the case the stock will continue to come under pressure stay tuned
Facebook made history as the biggest one-day wipeout of stock market value for any U.S. company. The company’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg took a personal hit of more than $15 billion just one day after the company said its growth is slowing.

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