Facebook shuts down accounts involved in suspicious political behavior

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Facebook shuts down accounts involved in suspicious political behavior
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Facebook announced today the shutdown of 32 pages and account involved in what the company called coordinated inauthentic behavior on their side Facebook said of the accounts were involved in this marks the first time Facebook has acknowledged propaganda campaigns on their site the company did not specify which Pages were shutdown executive from San Francisco exactly did Facebook say that they found on these pages and on the accounts and basically bad behavior that before and they won’t directly linked it to Russia they are gay bring some hints that there is connection but it’s very hard to tell they say that these the ads in the stuff that was spent money on was using u.s. and Canadian dollars and it’s really hard to tell but there are a few telltale signs that make it feel like it might be connected and one of them is that they said that there’s some linkages to protest that are plan coming up that are very similar to the way the Russian meddling was accused of happen during the 2016 election what’s the significance OEM Facebook coming out and saying we’re going to delete these accounts and also these accounts were involved in propaganda it’s a really important I think one of the biggest complaint that people have about Facebook right now is I feel like they’re incredibly reactive to all the news and all the bad stuff that’s been happening and there’s something happens they try to scramble and fix it but this seems to be something where they’re showing they actually are really trying to stay on top of it and not let the bad stuff happen and then try to clean up after we know that Facebook stock their decision and will the announcement restore confidence in the company I think that Facebook understands internally that this is a very hard issue and Mark Zuckerberg for his credit has been saying for quite a while cleaning up this mess is going to pretty badly impact their profits and this was the first time that we saw it last week when they reported their earnings to Wall Street and so I don’t think that there’s really that kind of concern inside of Facebook terms of restoring people’s trust in that company there’s a lot of work to do and I think that Wall Street needs to know that not only can Facebook fix its problems but that it can still make money after it did after it does I think that Facebook is still printing money hand-over-fist the question is how much they grow right in the water the question that came up last week was that have they hit this. Where everyone who was going to use Facebook is roughly signed on and so all this easy growth gone and that’s not exactly connected to the Russian meddling and all the concerns around elections but people’s trust in the service does change as the stories keep coming out do you think and that Facebook is learn from the Cambridge Scandal and they’re going expecting more action like this in the future the day did and the mistakes they made and that they didn’t take Serious their job Stewart in our information all of that they’ve been saying a lot of now the real changes how proactive are they going to be how good are they going to be at making sure the stuff doesn’t happen in the future great good that they can clean it up what’s the next step and I think this is the first sign that they’re really trying to do that on that same threat it really trying to change something you two midterms are coming up in November and are they trying to do anything to prevent interference in this election is something that they really are actively trying to keep an eye on this is specific story right here that they’re closing down these accounts that they’re identifying bad behavior this is a sign right here that they are trying at least to take care of the problem but this is wackamo there are so many bad behavior is happening on Facebook and there’s so much that’s been thinking these medlars have been able to figure out ways to manipulate Facebook Twitter Instagram all these things to help with the election meddling to be very hard for them to fix this problem but that’s their job that’s what they signed up for insurance rate we can join us in my pleasure
Facebook said Tuesday that it’s deleted 32 Facebook and Instagram pages and accounts involved in “inauthentic behavior” that appeared to be focused on influencing the 2016 midterm elections. CNET executive editor Ian Sherr joins CBSN with details.

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