Facebook shuts down suspected trolls

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Facebook shuts down suspected trolls
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this is a call to protest in Washington supposed to happen next week the problem is the account behind this is fake and its host resistors are not who they claim to be so Facebook show down today in all 32 pages and other accounts suspended saying these are Bad actors trying to sow division amongst voters before the US midterm elections in November so who is find them well Facebook suspects Russians but it can’t be definite it’s clear that whoever set up account when Too Much Greater length to obscure their true identities internet research agency Ira dead run up to the 2016 US presidential election 2016 just not enough conclusive technical evidence says Facebook’s head of cybersecurity Nathaniel Glacier we can say Jason some similar activities and have connected with known IRA account disrespecting users Hi-Time it revealed what it’s found according to the US Secretary of Homeland Security we are in a crisis mode the Cat 5 hurricane has been forecast and now we must prepare last spring when we visited Facebook headquarters Monika bickert told us they are laser focused on detecting fake accounts we know that they were at the house before the 2016 election that shouldn’t have been there and now our tools are good enough that there are a million accounts per day that we stop at the time of creation because we know that they are fake a million a day yes that’s a pretty big number it’s an arms race says the company and these are the weapons Ripley injured last time it moved proactively this time the significance here is that these are coordinated campaign and they are not only just posts that are going up on Facebook their advertisement going up on it they were setting up protests that were fake right but getting real people to go to them in the real world in Washington Congress is threatening tonight it will bring in a new sanctions bill against Russia and that advertise protests Facebook informed everyone who said they might come about 3200 people it’s not on the same our differences one of them is IP addresses last time there was some Russian IP addresses this time there are none although they cautioned those can be spoofed the other thing is advertising some of the advertising last time according to the Mueller investigation was paid for directions this time it’s paid in American and Canadian dollars and it’s small it’s $11,000 paid on Advertising an investigation 29 million Americans directly view those fake sides you put in sharing and it’s more like a hundred twenty six million Americans saw them this time we’re talking about only 290,000 people had access to accounts needs account so big difference so the question left to chew on is is this a smaller more carefully disguise campaign by Russian actors or is it some other disruptor going by the same Playbook well as Susan said we don’t know for sure who is behind all of this when you can see why red flags of already gone up back in February special counsel Robert Mueller indicted 13 Russian intelligence agent among the charges creating fee social media accounts buying Facebook ads even paying people to take part in brownies to undermine Hillary Clinton and the Democrats for the benefit of Donald Trump buy in flaming existing divide in the United States what did that look like I’ll take a look at Houston May 21st 2016 to rallies happening at the exact same time angry Americans squaring on an internet research agency was behind both rally it created a group called Heart of Texas promoted at stop the islamization of Texas rally planets for noon but it also created a group called United Muslims of America defending with some rice that rally also plan for noon right across the street the confrontation was in but it brought attention and perhaps maybe even wider I sometimes ugly divide in American society
Facebook has shut down dozens of suspected trolls on its platform ahead of the U.S. midterm elections. It’s a departure from the social media giant’s approach two years ago, when little was done to control politically divisive content and blatantly fake news during the 2016 U.S. election campaign.

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