Facebook’s business model is a problem: Roger McNamee

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Facebook’s business model is a problem: Roger McNamee
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Facebook’s business model is a problem: Roger McNamee
Because you reach out to them is somebody – and I mention this in the until you were literally a mentor Mark, Zuckerberg job, and then they just they didn’t react. What does it tell you about those two people wanting to be clear? I cut him a break on that: okay, cuz, let’s face it in the five or six years at that time, since I had last been involved in a daily basis, everything that the company is going real well and in many cases, people and told them that they Were wrong and in fact, prove them right front, so they were, is a generalization not terribly open to any kind of constructive or unconstructive feedback. Surprise. What bothered me with those I would face would say to this is trust based business. You really need to go in and understand. What’S going on here, you need to make sure that there’s no harm going on relative to the people, use the prod and I want them looking forward, I’m going look. I was pretty sure that in 2016, anything that is going on there and whatever area was in was something that it caught him by surprise that they needed to get the data and be on top of it to prevent future problems. Interview you did with with Maria, where you said you were hoping they would have an epiphany at the end of the day. The issue that we’re dealing with here in this a really significant problem for them is it. The core business model is based on manipulating our attention and for that they have to have massive surveillance in order to know everything they can know about what we’re doing so. Let her change. I look at it this way they are more successful than they ever dreamed. Richard Lee ever imagine the same as true Google, which has similar problems, and I want them to have a good night sleep and wake up one morning and realize wait a minute if you Mandy, and I can do it by just changing the way. My product, you want that, but it’s more likely the government would have to step in and take her out terminate the European Union’s making some changes the way I look at this, and I think we should all look at it this way, it’s it’s like what happened To the chemicals industry for years, we didn’t realize that pouring Mercury and Lead things like that into water was going to cause a problem and then eventually we said you have to clean up the mess you made and some of that house was regulation. So that happens with litigation, but we have to change the business model by changing the incentives as how old good businesses operate, and I wish these guys would do it for themselves. But if they don’t, then we just have to help help them or or steady all right. I think you’ll need it. But thanks for coming on – and let me just say hi to my old friend
“Zucked” author Roger McNamee discusses the privacy concerns surrounding Facebook and the problems with the social media giant’s business model.

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