Fact-checking President Trump’s post-election news conference

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Fact-checking President Trump’s post-election news conference
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Fact-checking President Trump’s post-election news conference
I was a big day yesterday, incredible day and last night, the Republican Party defied history to expand our Senate majority while significantly beating expectations in the house. As an example of the 11 candidates. We campaigned with during the last week 9 one last night and we’ve had tremendous support. Then tremendous support of the Republican Party among the biggest support in the history of the party. I’Ve actually heard at 93 %. It’S a record at all came out recently where my numbers, with his Lakeside, with African-Americans of the highest, the best they’ve ever been that have that took place two or three days ago, the fall, but people don’t understand tax returns. Now I did you a file in over a hundred pages, I believe, but you get far more from that, that you could ever get from a tax return. Let me see the audit is still on. You will not turn over the tax return.
Here’s a look at five claims made by President Trump at his marathon post-election news conference. Read more: https://wapo.st/2JT93Q0. Subscribe to The Washington Post on YouTube: http://bit.ly/2qiJ4dy

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