Fake or fir? Your Christmas tree’s carbon footprint – BBC News

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Fake or fir? Your Christmas tree’s carbon footprint – BBC News
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Fake or fir? Your Christmas tree’s carbon footprint – BBC News
Is The Ultimate Christmas decoration, I’m British people by millions of them a free impacted the Christmas tree have on the environment, and should you guys fake straight to the test.? It has a positive impact on the environment because it absorbs carbon from the atmosphere and nitrogen from the soil, but the trees chopped down back into the atmosphere, roll top and Footprints so buying a tree, that’s locally grown and help keep its carbon footprint down. But the biggest potential environmental impact comes from carbon footprint would be higher because organic matter, which decomposes away from oxygen, produces methane, a greenhouse gas which contributes to global warming, it’s much better fun or composite how to reduce carbon footprint by 80 % compared with on. So you can find out from your local Council what happens to your Christmas tree Once you have and of course, if you have the space, you can buy a pocket Christmas tree, which you can keep the next year. It was about a pasta. Christmas tree comes from production, increase the trees, carbon footprint in China, lower environmental impact than buying a natural Tree Experts think it’s about 10 years. I just know currently recyclable over roll. Your choice of Christmas tree have a relatively small impact on your on your carbon footprint. Define a natural 350., but in terms of environmental impact we used for artificial trees and Disposal for natural trees or just two factors you might want to keep in mind.
They’re the ultimate Christmas decoration and millions are bought in the UK each year. But what impact do Christmas trees – real and artificial – have on the environment?

Reality Check’s Lora Jones takes a look.

Motion graphics by Jacqueline Galvin.

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