Farrow outlines sexual misconduct allegations

just a few hours to CVS board of directors will meet to consider the fate of their CEO Les moonves after allegations of sexual misconduct by at least six women the women spoke to Ronan Farrow and a piece for the New Yorker when does issued his own statement saying in part about my time at CVS we have promoted a culture of respect an opportunity for all employees and if consistently found success elevating women to top executive positions across the country I recognize that there were times decades ago when I may have made some uncomfortable by making advances those were mistakes and I regret them eventually but I always understood and respected and abided by the principle that no means no and I have never misused my position to harm or hinder any one’s career investigative journalist running fairoaks joins us now good morning running so what are these women alleging that lesson this did these are very serious allegations Allison and two of these women term what they through assault and I think have a fair case that it would be within the conventional definitions of assault you know we’re talking about Encounters in which women allege they were pinned down and struggle to escape this is more than the initial incident these are women who said what was scarring was the threats of retaliation that there appeared to be a pattern of saying you know this is going to harm your career and I think that’s worth all of us looking at in a corporate contact not only the threats of this going to hunger grabbing these women alleged they did harm their career well I’m glad you pointed that out because in some of these cases it’s not agraria book Illeana Douglas whose allegation in part Leslie moonves has was fired after this from her deal with CVS and obtain to settlement and you know we looked at the documentation for that that absolutely happened is not disputed CBS dispute why she was fired and why the settlement happen but what her lawyer and a lot of people who were involved in the process that the timer call is that this happened right after what she at the time was calling a sexual assault and that they all knew about that the principle of no means no not what she’s alleging I mean she’s alleging that she was pinned and that she said no and that he blocked her exit from the door not a number of these cases that’s right so as far as it got a specific a blanket denial when they refused but I thought it was interesting that he said decades ago I may have done some of these things maybe this was old bad behavior but when he gets as specific as no means no that’s that’s not what your reporting found that isn’t these woman’s recollection and I would also point out that our reporting is not that this was decades ago another the these cases between the two thousands you know I’ll let his statement speak for themselves but the article I think also speaks for itself is already married to Julie Chen and Julie Chen as you know is a well-known TV host is that she’s going to be on TV today on her show it’s called the talk and she has unequivocally come out and supported her husband and should buy him it’ll be interesting to watch what happens today do you have anything in terms of why I do unusual but a wife in the public it’s not really for me to weigh in on Julie Chen’s statements obviously I feel for any family member going through the repercussions of allegations like this and I think in the mines of the sources in this story well here was not to take down Leslie moonves the goal here is to air stories that were buried sometimes for a long time because these women were terrified and to protect the next woman who comes along both with respect to Les moonves respect to AI culture around women and a culture of retaliation that a lot of people dozens of people sad extended across various parts of this company so I think what these sources want is accountability you know that this is not about tearing down of course that’s painful for family and for someone like Charlie Chan at CVS after that was there a reckoning what these sources say is no you know we are talking to people who say they were retaliated against very recently at that company and that individuals new about Charlie Rose and that includes Jeff Baker many of the resources in this story say that he was aware of that abuse he’s they obviously executive producer of 60 minutes and for a Time reported to moonves as the head of the news division there so said that there were allegations against him we talked about 6 employees who described the inappropriate touching for him so it said the pattern Allison that is described in this story and we’re careful not to over generalize this is obviously it is a very large corporation pattern is that you have allegations at the top and then allegations Allaire down and then allegations Allaire down from that end in each of these cases we have people saying we spoke up and we were retaliated against their was not accountability they didn’t do anything you’ve gotten the board of directors attention and they will be doing an investigation they say and they will be having a meeting about all of this at button on Flipside Lessman this is incredibly important he’s vital be seen as being vital can this company just as Matt Lauer was seen as being vital to the company and Charlie Rose was seen as being better than come in Harvey Weinstein was say nothing vital to his company so what do you think the board will do will you know you talked about those points of comparison certainly in terms of how vital someone is to accompany Leslie moonves is vital in a way none of those other names were and I think one of the things that made these women so afraid to speak out I mean this took months and months of complicated conversation these were not knocking on my door even Illeana Douglas who did reach out after the Weinstein story didn’t reach out saying I’m ready to go on the record they were all scared and I think that comes from the fact that this is someone who has at the heart of the financial fortunes of a company that is a really important Institution and it’ll be an interesting test of resolve and of whether a company in a board is willing to live up to the kind of statements we’ve seen since the popularization of the me-too movement because this is more than cosmetic I think accountability here will mean pretend play taking a hit and run to the bottom line thank you for your excellent reporting and always sharing it with us on New Day we really appreciate it thank you
Journalist Ronan Farrow spoke to CNN’s Alisyn Camerota about his New Yorker piece outlining allegations of sexual harassment by six women against against CBS CEO Les Moonves.

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