Father and son charged after body of man missing for 17 years found in refrigerator

Father and son charged after body of man missing for 17 years found in refrigerator
Father and son charged after body of man missing for 17 years found in refrigerator
Disturbing developments in a homicide case that stretches from the GTA to Elgin County and involves a dead body in a refrigerator at a father and son who police say, played rules in what is now a historic murder. Investigation CVS, Nicole weather, has been following this story for us tonight. Nicole, let’s get started with the body in the fridge, it was discovered back in May, Alex police didn’t identify the remains in May, but now they say it’s the body of 33 year old Ashley, how’s Mississauga, who disappeared 17 years ago and it charged for 45 year Old Norfolk man with first-degree murder, give me murder and one count of indignity to a dead body police say they found a body in a fridge or the Bluffs by Port Burwell back in May the police activity not normal for those living in the area and who The victim was and whether the perpetrator was someone local. At the time, Blue Water son, Samuel in the green hoodie was charged with indignity to a body. The waters are from a small town of Jarvis in Norfolk County an hour east of Port grew well. Ctv News has learned the pair own: does hobby shop on the main strip vanished in 2002. In a statement, peel police say, Ashley Pereira was reported missing February, 7th 2014 by family and incident occurred in March 2002 and its Pereira left his residence on his Accord. The family hadn’t heard from him in nearly 12 years and decided to file a police report with peel Regional Police, but gentleman’s family. The victim’s family can have some peace, now., Police and the opp wolf. Cabarrus Family didn’t report him missing sooner and it’s not clear if or how Pereira Andrew Waters and you each other all those years ago, as they’re releasing more pieces to this puzzle. Things hopefully come to the proper resolution. Waters appeared in court today in St Thomas copper. In charge of this case, detective say this investigation is challenging because of the lengthy passage of time between the discovery of his body and his disappear. Anyone with information is being asked to come forward, Alex and Nicole
A father and son have been arrested made in the case involving a man who disappeared in 2002.

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