Father of ‘Jihadi Jack’ says his son is a Syrian hostage and deserves a fair trial

Father of ‘Jihadi Jack’ says his son is a Syrian hostage and deserves a fair trial
Father of ‘Jihadi Jack’ says his son is a Syrian hostage and deserves a fair trial
The parents of accused Isis fighter Jihadi Jack, as he’s known, are speaking out there slamming conservative leader Andrew Scheer, for saying he wouldn’t lift a finger to help their son jack. Let’S is currently being held in Accra jail in Syria. Until recently, he was a dual British and Canadian citizen until the UK revoked his citizenship. Let’S his father is Canadian and is calling for the government to bring his son to Canada. John Leslie supported his son and his wife Sally were found guilty of funding terrorism for sending their son money while he was in Syria. Joining me now is John, Let’s father of Jack. Let’S any joins me from Oxford to the UK to you. When was the last time you heard from or about your son, but indirectly through Messenger apps two-and-a-half years ago, when he was first picked up by the Kurds, keep coming out, I mean and then very heavily censored. We can speak them so and I don’t really trust the interviews because I know they’re made under duress. I know he’s been tortured in his present. I’M sorry, how do you know he’s been captured? Very well-respected is the only person is actually gone in. He wasn’t actually acting as his lawyer, but he’s the only person got into speak to him and Jack, told him. Listen to All That interview. Most of that was rubbish. I’Ve been tortured. I answered the same questions, no access to a lawyer, no access to a family. We believe he’s been tortured it. When I look at him, I can tell there’s something very wrong.: Medical problems with the whole pie with issues what is using descent, and I think, the two and three year old children and any other people Canadians it only a small handful of appreciate that there’s a Risk in a fear, no, I don’t want dangerous people walking the streets of my family and friends all live there and I’ve said it a hundred times Jackson, something wrong. I will come onto your show it and every other program and condemned publicly for what he does, but I think that the Canadian system can separate between the good and the bad. I think that I trust democratic, I think, but he can actually contribute to on your side saying he completed as he completed his Commando artillery course in the British army he posted. I would love to perform a martyrdom operation in this scene and clearly the police believe that he two the Middle East to join Isis is necessary: the symbol of sending money to Syria to Jack Flats. No, no we’re not guilty by the jury accepted that we sent the money under duress was being hunted by ISIS that either posed them that he was going to be killed in his life was in danger and that as parents we have to act under duress. I told us we could send the money we cool, operated with some sleep over this hole.. The most recent information that I have from the you see is that you have been found guilty of funding terrorism when you sent your son 223 lb, while he was in Syria. Despite concerns that he’ll join the Islamic State group, there was a lot of Goodwill from the judge in this case, saying that you did it out of love for your child, but that you should understand. It should have known that there was a great possibility that they could have been Mentor: terrorism $ 30, Canadian in British pounds that owns the chargesheet about a year 9 months after we were actually charged with those other two offenses. Initially, the police totally ignore that, because they said the terrorism Act is very, very tight and there was a risk that some of this money might could have been used for just relax you in the position. I understand that if you don’t send this money to help him escape the only way out, it must be really difficult, but on the other hand, in spite of the fact that we now think you shouldn’t send it, because we might arrest you as a father and It’S red all these horrible messages from him about condemning Isis. First of all and the fear I could feel I had a choice: do I break the law potentially because even Everclear Restless or not, or do I try to save my son’s? Life was in imminent danger and so did the jury, both both Andrew Scheer to be fair and the Canadian government seem to agree on this point. The law experts say the laws clear. Canada has to accept a Canadian citizen who comes to the Border by virtue of the fact that they, Canadian citizen, but the Canadian government and the opposition seem to agree on, is that they will not help your son get to the Border. Take a listen to what our Public Safety Minister, Ralph Goodale, had to take a listen to this. This individual and others that made the calculated decision to leave the comfortable confines of Canadian democracy to travel Halfway Around the World to associate themselves with the most evil and violent terrorism in several Generations. They need to assume the consequences for their responsibilities. We will ensure that the law and the Constitution are applied, but we will not facilitate their travel. Action to that Danger agree with him. I want safety. I want someone to deal with these terrorists who wrote their victims need Justice. I mean, and I think a lot of people went to serial for religious reasons, stupid naive. You can call them all sorts of things. Something happened, I’d love to know. If he’s done something wrong absolutely, I think he should be punished. But how do you know how do you know if he’s done something wrong? You can’t even get a lawyer in not a prisoner he’s a hostage. I keep saying it he’s being held by people and pistols he’s been in solitary for a long time and then a door opens and someone sticks a camera in his face and says. Are you a traitor? Are you a collaborator? I mean it’s just playing to the camera. Everybody wants to look dark are people who from Oxford in the UK. Thank you so much for you to do this interview. So I appreciate that
The father of Jack Letts, a Canadian national accused of travelling to Syria to join ISIS in 2014, says his son should be entitled to due legal process and a fair trial back in the U.K. or Canada.

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