FBI debated whether Trump followed Russia’s direction

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FBI debated whether Trump followed Russia’s direction
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FBI debated whether Trump followed Russia’s direction
Breaking news this morning, CNN has obtained transcripts transcripts that explain why the FBI open an investigation into whether the president of the United States was working on behalf of Russia against American interests, hyzaar closed-door Congressional interviews with two FBI officials, who testified that officials were looking into Whether President Trump was quote acting at the behest of and somehow following directions, somehow executing there will they hear is Russian. This follows the weekend of his huge headlines and you are times revealing this FBI. Counterintelligence investigation of the president Little Washington Post report that the president hi details of his meetings with Vladimir Putin even from his own Administration. The paper reports that, after 1 meeting with Putin, the president even took his interpreters notes. As far as we know, that’s unprecedented now back to the New York Times, did they put this weekend in perspective quote the president of the United States was asked over the weekend whether he is a Russian agent and he refused to directly answer. If that’s not enough drama, we are in day 24 of the government shutdown longest in American history, for the shutdown and opposed his border wall. And even though 800,000 federal workers did not collect a paycheck on Friday, Paris to shut down to a vacation saying the furloughed workers are better off. Meanwhile, more songs or Republicans are concerned that the standoff over the president’s border wall is hurting their party politically. But let’s begin with CNN live in Washington with all of the breaking news this morning, Shema into some of what was going on in the FBI, some of their thinking. Now these two transcripts of the two FBI officials, closed-door Congressional interviews, revealed on one end and there was the idea that Trump fired Comey at the behest of Russia and then on the other, with a possibility that Trump was completely innocent and was acting within the bounds Of his executive Authority now James Baker, the den top FBI lawyer, describe the FBI’s thinking about Russia. Same quote. That was one extreme. The Other Extreme was the president is completely innocent and we discussed that to he’s is a range of things that could possibly be. We need to investigate, because we don’t know whether you know the worst case scenario is possibly true or the president is totally innocent and we need to get this thing over with, and so he can move forward with his agenda. This is what James Baker told members of Congress in his closed-door interview with them and then another interview from another FBI lawyer, Lisa Page who, as you will recall, came under fire for her anti Trump tax with Peter struck. She told members the FBI consider investigating Trump for sometime, send quote it’s not that it could not have been done. This case had been a topic of discussion for some time. Waiting on was an indecision and a cautiousness on the part of the beer. With respect to two, what to do and whether there was sufficient provocation to open she said in that means open the investigation. Now, as we know, they did one opening an investigation and all that now lives with the special counsel and his team, John and Alison. Thank you very much for all of that: fascinating reporting intelligence, John Turner and former senior advisor to the National Security advisor Samantha vinograd Sam, just fascinating, to see the transfer of what was going on the conversation figure out. Why? All of this strange Behavior right that have gotten their attention was this a pattern. Was this something that they needed to investigate and they concluded that it was. They were having to consider whether the president can, I say, to become a stooge for Russia. Okay, as legal counsel for the FBI said that they were looking at the worst case scenario. The Other Extreme with the depressing is completely innocent, and we discussed that too there’s a range of things that could possibly be. We need to investigate, because we don’t know whether the worst case scenario is possibly true or if the president is totally innocent. Your thoughts by thoughts are there. That’S what investigation is obviously to figure out whether someone is guilty of a crime, and in this case, whether the president was knowingly or unknowingly, a Russian asset to keep question coming out of these transcripts from me is what the several months ago, during the campaign right After the election, the president could make the argument that he was just being Donald Trump. He was saying things that fit with his platform and just being himself at this point. He has to have Fang and what he is doing is paredon Russian propaganda and actively helping Putin Zone operation against United States. He continues to keep doing exactly the same thing until you just have to wonder if the FBI was looking at several months ago. A year ago, are they looking at him today based upon the fact that, despite knowing that he’s helping Russia, he continues to do exactly the same thing was an attack, a Russian attack on the US electoral system and trying to find out the extent of that attack And trying to stop future attacks and in David Gregory, six or control room knows Not only would it be an issue of obstructing an investigation, but the obstruction itself would hurt our ability to figure out what the Russians and done, and that is what would be the Threat to National Security, in other words, Benjamin wittes, is written extensively over the weekend about this, the obstruction that they were looking into, the president perhaps firing James Comey and some of the other event. The obstruction in and of itself was a type of collusion trying to work with Russia to keep the extent of their attack Secret right and the president was pretty clear about. Why was firing Comey in his interview with NBC with Lester Holt? He said because he didn’t, like the Russia investigation, now part of why he didn’t write. It is also in these transcripts the people involved in the Lisa Page Peter strzok, breast and amestoy, the president. In a political view, they argued in testimony that that didn’t keep them from doing their jobs professionally, but that’s certainly raises real questions, but even if you muck all of that up with those agendas, the president would try to do got back. John, are you were on the are you and I were on the year the day the present at the Democratic Convention called on Russia to hack Hillary Clinton’s emails find missing emails, so he was doing this. He was not only directly working rhetorically, you know with with the Russians calling on them to hack her emails, but was parroting aspects of their propaganda at a time when they were working surreptitiously at the time to destabilize the election with an online campaign, and then you Bring it up to now is Sam was just saying, and you wonder what is this relationship with Putin? Why isn’t the president being more forthcoming about it? It’S beyond kind of manic and unprofessional. It raises very serious questions about what he’s doing given his history. Given his penchant for authoritarian leaders in his Express support for Putin and his style in the past, the president, this weekend he called in to Jeanine Pirro show, and she asked him directly. Listen to this. You are you now or have you ever worked for Russia. Mr. president, I’ve ever been asked, I think it’s the most insulting article I’ve ever had written, and if you read the article you see that they found absolutely nothing, not a no something like that. What do you think of all this even hearing his response, where it’s clear that there are aspects of this relationship with Vladimir Putin that neither his senior advisors and certainly not the public, are aware of and as a result of that, considering everything that’s going on with People in the president’s orbit, who have been in touch with Russia and with this investigation going on the present, has created this. The sense that that he and vitamin Putin have something that the rest of us need to know about. I don’t think that the president president probably has never been in a position to direct, take orders and and direction from Vladimir Putin. However, that doesn’t matter, because if we go back and look at what happened on the campaign Trail – and we look at what’s happened up until now, it seemed was pointing up. The president has engage in a series of actions that are not easily explained regards to dealing with Vladimir Putin. That’S a weird situation where we hold them that the Bob Marley will shed some light on the nature of this relationship. But we really don’t know what is the President Vladimir Putin have between each other and there is a difference between and especially when you have no political background, but in in as a candidate. What did Trump do he said? Look: anybody who comes forward with opposition research on my opponent? Why? Wouldn’T you open the door? So it’s Russians, nobody around him is saying you know, do that, because he’s hired a campaign manager who had extensive ties with Russia and Ukraine to Paul manafort, who is now in prison and then is President. You know there’s at this obvious petulance of the president, who do who has decided that he is tough on Russia, he’s not going to give any quarter and that apparently doesn’t mind. Looking suspicious. All of this
Transcripts of two FBI officials closed-door congressional interviews reveal agency officials were looking into President Trump’s relationship with Russia. #CNN #News

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