Fear of narco-terrorism gripping Netherlands after top criminal lawyer is shot dead

Fear of narco-terrorism gripping Netherlands after top criminal lawyer is shot dead
Fear of narco-terrorism gripping Netherlands after top criminal lawyer is shot dead
Turn our attention to the international newspapers with to take out a loan to take us with that controversy in Canada over a photograph of the Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. That’S why that photo leak just a month before Canadians head to the polls story about publishing this photograph of Justin, Trudeau, the Canadian Prime Minister, back in 2001, at the age of 29, wearing a turban and robes complete with brownface addresses Aladdin in an Arabian Nights. Themed party, he was a teacher. The photo was leaked by a Vancouver businessmen, forcing Trudeau to issue a grovelling apology and admitting to also painting a spacer in high school Jamaican a traditional Jamaican song. But the damage has been done inevitably and that’s what a lot of the papers are saying, particularly because Trudeau went to Great Lengths to Champion minority rights, and also it come to the moment when he’s already facing Scandal during beginning of his electoral campaign, accused of a Pressure and his attorney general to drop corruption, charges against a Canadian engineering science Ben Trudeau hardest in the swing states that are crucial to his re-election. But she said some of those interviewed by the paper say: Trudeau shouldn’t be punished for an error in his Youth and that’s tea. He still is the better option over a conservative government that could take connect, cut it off to the right for one Globe and Mail. Riser, the offense is that not just in the outfit but the silence as well. This writer saying Trudeau, should have a revealed this photo years ago of knowledge. Apologize for an admitted to acting saltless am perhaps today the photo wouldn’t have. The effect has come under Fire for disguises. His love, for costumes has gotten him into trouble and, time and time again that he just up. You might remember in traditional Indian and attire back in 2000 that was last year during a taxpayer-funded trip to India, with his family hotspot, a lot of criticism at the time he also wore traditional American Indian headwear in 2016, which is largely seen as cultural in appropriation Of a cultural appropriation and in 2017 he wore Superman costume underneath his suit during a hot Halloween yeah, and it’s a lot of shock and outrage in the Netherlands is Dutch lawyer. Dirk wiersum was defending a crown witness and investigation. It’S believed his death was connected to that to the point that anti agency now is helping with the investigation was representing a witness in a case ring of drug-related hits of the witnesses. Brother was killed last year. That was already seen as a warning to him not to testify the Dutch police chief now saying that the death of this Criminal is a real, has really pushed the country into new territory when it comes to those drug lords and brazenly in front of his family. In his home, this before session in a criminal court against 10 suspect in an against the telegraph, which is a national paper in the Netherlands, because last year of Vaughn drove into the newspaper building, causing it to set on fire. Conversations between drug members shows a fascinate with TV shows like narcos that the gang leader red wine was also called Petron. Just like El Chapo, and just like directly from these TV shows stories there, a cocktail go near Justice and you’re in trouble, you’re for it and moving on representations of women and it’s definition side. It all started with one woman’s at starts: a simple search online for synonyms of woman, the word woman, Samaria batteries, vanity said she was just looking for some synonyms and found things like made and synonyms for further research highlighted Oxford dictionary and thesaurus online campaign under the Hashtag sexist dictionary and a tens of thousands of people have signed this petition that one definition of a woman included I quotes Miss September will embody the professional intelligent. Yet sexy career woman, I called I told you to be home when I get home little woman. The petition is that all about changing these kind of phrases, but also becoming more inclusive for transgender women and gay women as well, but finally Deepika you’ve spotted something to cost in China, as I thought they had their very own on that monster. That’S the operative word on Chinese social media. Last week, a video of this alleged monster was viewed 32 million times and lots of conversations about what it could be. This elusive black creature looming in the Yangtze River Alaska turned out to be an industrial air bag likely discarded from a nearby Shipyard, much less intriguing Eve and much more depressing. Absolutely, that’s not the brightest way to enter interesting, all the same nights about the papers.
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IN THE PAPERS – Thursday, September 19: We look at reactions from the Canadian press after a photo published showed Justin Trudeau in brownface during a party in 2001. Also, the Netherlands fears narco-terrorism after a top lawyer defending a key drug gang witness was shot dead. A petition has been launched calling on Oxford dictionary to remove ‘sexist’ synonyms from its database. And, China’s Loch Ness monster turns out to be…a big piece of trash!

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