Federal carbon tax ‘will have its day in court’: Mulroney

protests call the gallery during question. To display their opposition to the battery from the DAC the government continues to defend the plan to cut down what camp protesters are gathering at the front lawn but the opposition was asking questions to the government today as to why they would cut city council by as much as half half with the heat staying on Premier over his plan to cut Toronto City Council by nearly half last week that it would save 25 million dollars and improve government function to make sure that we take that 25 million dollars and put it in the priorities that people want and that comes on the same day that attorney general a government plant challenge the federal carbon tax and the Ontario Court of Appeal at a cost of outside of federal jurisdiction but when asked if they can win the Attorney General the answer many lawyers and constitutional experts say you have no case at the feds are able to do this so do you believe you can win the case but we were elected with a earlier mandate to stand up for the people of Ontario who don’t want a carbon tax and so we are bringing this reference to the Ontario Court of Appeal are position is that this tax is unconstitutional and outside of federal jurisdiction afternoon will be starting that you heard from the government that the challenge to the carbon tax could cause as much as 30 million versus the cuts that would happen at City Hall would be as much as 25 million in savings
The Attorney General said the government believes the tax is “unconstitutional” and “outside of federal jurisdiction.”

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