Feely finger phone crawls across desk – BBC News

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Feely finger phone crawls across desk – BBC News
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Feely finger phone crawls across desk – BBC News
Address for the project that I just wanted to explore: the interaction with the finger and the phone, and then we develop that in the research project and we explored that’s the space and the possibilities you can open it up and it’s creepy and also a lot of Messages related to like sexual stuff until an incident at or better that’s not accepted. Yet I have done to female asking me that’s, but actually it’s not planned at all. So it’s just a reason. I want to put an open-source version online so that everybody can see how it’s made and they bleed by their own
A touch-sensitive robotic finger that can be attached to smartphones has been developed by a researcher in France.

The MobiLimb finger can crawl across the desk, waggle for attention when messages arrive and be used as an interface to control apps and games.

It can also stroke its owner on the hand, which developer Marc Teyssier said could create more personal connections.

He told the BBC people generally found the finger creepy or weird because it was so unusual, but hoped it would be “accepted” in time.

Video journalist: Chris Fox

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