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Across Britain there are more people coming out as bisexual every year. The nose coming out as gay or lesbian people say that it means that I’m constantly having to come out to friends and family 40 % of those people say that by being told to pick a side between gay and straight greedy, everyone thinks I actually fun see Them and yet, despite bisexuality being included in the LGBT acronym, many, don’t feel welcomed in the LGBT community Superman in the lgbtq + Community. There’S not really a face feed boyfriends. Why did you have to tell us people often accuse me of saying I’m bisexual. It’S time. My boyfriend, don’t is deeply offencive on says we almost do more to improve the visibility of bisexuality across Society in 2016. Katie Simon was the show men and women as couples before Casey on the phone. She’s wasn’t mail. She became half of the Show’s first, I’m the only same-sex pairing when she chose fellow contestants Sophie gradon to couple up with completely normal, and you know this so many people out there like you and just as long as you look here.. It wasn’t: mine million Sophie Saturday died in June this year, but Katie is not spoken for the first time about the biphobia she faced from both the gay, I’m straight Community when she returned from the show yeah. I was always in the back of my head. Always thinking that all you know, I feel this feeling, or maybe just cuz I’m in these hopes – maybe she’ll come around these people, and so I kind of like put a cover over and colleges for August because of him surround myself with not really who I am Tell me a few things that, like my own fake Community up inside and Liverpool, just probably like some shades out there, you knew that about don’t say publicly treating it like. It was Taco gravy same old and I’m just not talk to you to see. If you would think that those people would be the ones that would support you, the most because they’ve been through it themselves, I can’t even describe it when it was not present moment. I was so scared because I didn’t know what the outside well just thinking Miss. I’M leaving think and friends with ink, and so I was quite really upset to be honest. It’S not supposed to pay for my own community about them feelings and probably that Mavis feelings of coming out CIS class sexual thing going to be. Nothing really take me seriously when I’m having conversations with people, if I have to drop that in st. Kitts entertainment for them to be very sexualized. It’S like rude things like that, and I think that’s what really bothers me, because if I was ever going to do it to please someone it would be to please myself. It would never be as an entertainment value for anyone over then myself. If they’ve got the little Temptation in the mind, they will always think that I’m completely open so don’t use Mesa figure yourself. I was attracted to certain people confused and I think yeah I like wine. If I was gay, I’d be gay, it’s not that I I’m on a journey to figuring out who I am. I know who I am when that relationship ended and he began dating a woman. He said he was shamed by some of his friends. I remember we just broke that was bisexual. Full years like they didn’t know those bisexual. I was out a club and I’m a go and we were kissing and then some of my gay friends took pictures of us kissing and put it on free chat. The same things like disgusting and gay guy being seduced in SoHo that kind of stuff a picture of you kissing a guy in a drill in this – it’s not very cool. You would think that would be more empathy, more understanding, but there’s no discrimination I received sexual has come from the gay community. It’S really strange. I’Ve had a lot of the time you know like I said I was bisexual too in the beginning, you’ll figure it out. That’S me: that’s really irritating knife two and a half years. If I was gay, I would be gay. I’Ve done all the stuff. You know I’ve held hands of the guy said I loved you had sex with men. You were just having a problem with it. I remember my girlfriend said she was up. I once one came over and was like. Are you the one saying the gay guy people said you need to break up with him? You’Ll eventually find him in bed to the man, things that Justin validate your relationship. I’M mixed-race and I’ve never had someone really be like. Oh you mix race. That means you’ll more likely to cheat. They would never say that to me, but they will say that about being bisexual making assumptions about me because of something I couldn’t change about myself. I was able to hide it in myself because I find women attractive because we we we can blend it in that sense. But it’s when I was with my ex-boyfriend and we would hold hands walking down the street people with think there’s two gay guys. Now I’m walking down the street holding hands Anitra invisible anyway, even when not trying to be a gay man in the street. It’S maybe a bit worried about coming out and see. Two gay men will pass them strength invisible in June this year. The LGBT Stonewall found by people aren’t open about that sexual orientation to anyone in that family compared to just 8 % of lesbians and gay men Jessica. Show it more difficult for men to come out as bi is almost half of bi men on a cough syrup by women. I was open to anyone in that family, 3 and 10 by men and almost one in ten by women. So they can be honest sexuality with that friends. Stonewall also found the 27 % of by women, and 18 % of by men have experienced direct biphobia from within the LGBT community. The charger Stonewall was set up to trying to eliminate homophobia. Biphobia and transphobia from across the side, see what their own figures show. How bad biphobia still is within the LGBT community. That says much more to be done to ensure people feel included in all walks of life set by people really do worry about the hostility that experience from our own communities around people and it says deeply offencive, stereotypical stigmatizing narrative, but it’s something that’s really popular and Keep being perpetrated on the way to gay, I’m so women, it’s just be sitting there trying out it’s a real reluctance to acknowledge that by people have an identity and it’s who they are and it’s a reductionist approach to sexuality. It’S a very old-fashioned and someone might go with the opposite sex partner to Pride and then be told, but they’re not welcome in that space. That is deeply unpleasant, so I’ll buy stuff meet regularly and really recognize. When I buy a razor is going on across the road on different output, even in the workplace, we find the LGBT issues. Can gay people are much more satisfied as groups of stuff compared to buy stuff so Never See by characters faithfully and respectfully portrayed on television? At school, when you see someone Buy on television having a boy character who is beautifully at ease with the sexual orientation, the impact will be huge. In fact, the United Nations, from across the world 61 % to buy women and 37 % of by men experience rape. Physical violence or stalking by an intimate partner, that’s higher than both had to wrote on homosexual people and rates of depression, anxiety, self-harm and suicide are also hire and bisexuals Louis sharing project 14. She look for support online and viral lationships, but instead found only by phobia young and naive. I was quite enthusiastic and so it be quiet, validating positive, but actually it was very negative and negative stereotypes. Nothing up my conference quite a bit cuz. I was still coming out at the time, and so I think I avoided looking for any kind of a information about bisexuality online for quite a while after that. So it definitely set me back a little bit majority of Cummings Comfort, Inn in myself and finding out when I was quite young, told me once that lesbians might want to be with me, because I am too straight and straight men would want to be with me Because I’m too gay that just kind of stuck in my mind for a long time, I think I I believe, that’s quite a while as a result of her experiences as a teenager. She set up the by survivors Network, offering a space to buy people to talk about what they’ve been through facing any of that kind of biphobia. Even if it’s just a microaggression of being told you don’t really exist, it’s something that you may become handle the people who join us. It’S just the place where they know they are going to have to defend themselves, people who should be able to understand them. Several of the people of experience, intimate-partner violence. She went out him if he reported what happened so, obviously as an extra layer of if you can access a mainstream sexual survival because you’re worried about being out and then a LGBT survive service. Because you worried about these comments in the biphobia weddy go from there. So that’s why survivors and 5 people are more likely to be survive is just kind of feel like we’ve got nowhere to turn bisexual person’s experiences by phobias. Difference. Many share the common experiences of acceptance, exclusion and Eurasia. They want that sexuality recognized as legitimate no longer be judged or ignored.
Bisexuals face hostility from their own LGBT community and are subject to the offensive narrative that they are “on their way to being gay”, the head of LGBT equality charity Stonewall has told this programme.

Many feel their sexuality is seen as being “greedy” and fetishised.

Our reporter Chris Hemmings has been to hear from those who have experienced biphobia.

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