Fighting HIV/AIDS: ‘Society hasn’t progressed as much as medicine’

Fighting HIV/AIDS: ‘Society hasn’t progressed as much as medicine’
That with that report now it’s time for prospective one thing is the human being that he was the first French politician to reveal himself that he had HIV tirelessly. The people living with HIV and AIDS rash around the world vigorously to have homophobic and racist comments and remarks severely punished forever in France, with the legalization of gay marriage, his marriage to his partner in 2013 name of this on the program. Today, it’s impossible to wait to start with you cuz. It’S such an incredible wide range of issues to tackle r22002. That decision to do that, I was in the TV again East and in the same time it was difficult to say that I was living with HIV thought it was necessary to do it because you, you can’t say that the HIV is not. The same decision is not to Taboo disease and in the same time, don’t say that you are living with HIV. I think it was a important because this this disease, and now particularly, is it invisible. Now the people don’t say that they are living with HIV and it’s astonishing, because now we have a better treatments. Better drugs that permit to a people are living with AIDS to to leave as a people or not positive. Things have changed, haven’t made in France attitudes in a way, a sip of thinking about people and other things that people to say openly, particularly in the last 10 years. Feria. If you like is going far enough, would you think we need to push even further to enable people to say how they feel and I know what they want to be able to say, because it was very difficult to the beginning of the HIV in the 17/18? In the 19th because the people died, but the society I would you say, a more friendly with the people now when you say that to you, you are hiv-positive. People see me, I will do you do to to be hiv-positive. We difficult to set your work. I am hiv-positive issues. Asus generally, you can be you’re fired from formula for informal job. I think the voices in mid-scene in the drugs and windows that we can have a world without AIDS, but the zoo Society 74 West, as the science as as as a medicine. It’S why it’s so difficult for people living with with Aids HIV in front in Europe and in the world that you want it. You know it’s something that said that to you personally, but you decided that you wanted to try and help other people as well. The help of a people see people living with HIV is difficult that the people Wisconsin, because for the majority of the people, HIV it’s a virus and they don’t imagine that Beyonce virus that weighs men say ways: women, Zoe’s children, so it’s necessary whizzer with HIV. But it’s so so so difficult in your family is so difficult with your friend and it’s so difficult in the in in your job. It. Why? Because it’s very difficult to to advance and the people Uno’s that people living with HIV, which has a treatments today, is our people do nose? Is it it’s important and it’s why it’s one of the reasons that people living with HIV we should be tested full for the 20-30 campaigns for the married at the time I was just over five years ago now that was always changing it with so much opposition. Is well here Salve prove it to say I am in favor of this website. August 12th January, I celebrate your wedding of same-sex magic people and I have the assistant. Will you release some people? That say me? I was against the same-sex Maya and today ate my sister ate my son, and I said it’s beautiful: they they love them. What’S the difference between the the love of us to a couple of gay lesbian, to answer why this and I think now is very different and impossible today to have so many people in the streets, because I think in this it’s a way to new white and No one wanted to to change this except some extremists. The Lost issue be able to choose when they want to. 20 years 20 years and the politician don’t ears of people about this issue. I think we have a big debate now in our country and in the moment, it’s not possible to continue to exist or the Stooges which have been done in our country. I prove that we are in bad conditions in France in what condition introns and in Europe, and you think this will help, because we we have to access to the palliative care and only 20 % of the people can go in the unit of power. And we know that there’s nothing else about it. If we have to give the Y to the people to say at the moment stop and to die with the people’s is alive, that can we can leave this world in the shoe. It’S was using as you or an assisted suicide. It’S a new white. We we have, we need to have under the French one, this white and were politician, and I think we have to to speak doing this device. That was a new website today. That is open. Didn’T want to pay me to the French to say Jose. They want people white that you want. Is why this, why it’s saying it’s not an obligation is something you are with like the abortion. Abortion don’t oblige ulcers. 2. 2. 2. 2. 2. From your previous campaigns. As well, you’ll continue to find out what is well-known, luquette. Remember Michelle thanks. So much for being with us on the spectator,
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We know we could have a world without AIDS, but society has not progressed as much as medicine has. That’s the view of the man who in 2002 was the first French politician to reveal he has HIV. Since then, Jean-Luc Romero-Michel has dedicated his life to campaigning tirelessly for people living with HIV and AIDS.

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