Firefighters battle deadly California wildfire

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Firefighters battle deadly California wildfire
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the conditions were made absolutely brutal out here it’s very very hot today about 105 degrees I want to show you something behind me you can see these firefighters behind there they’re putting out hot spots because of the potential for more wins tonight there turn that you might have some some flying debris that could catch other homes in this subdivision on fire this is the lake Redland Estates subdivision which absolutely got decimated by this fire I said that just tells you about the ongoing concern that that cruise have I hear that there could be more fires even in the neighborhood where the fire has already passed through so the Red Flag Warning remains in effect at least until tomorrow morning the bottom line here Fred is really there’s no end in sight with these conditions and a lot of ways this this region feels like a paralyzed with so many people thousands of people under this evacuation order you can’t get a hotel room in the area a lot of the evacuation centers are at maximum capacity as well and so folks obviously want things to end really what cruise are saying is that with these conditions they just don’t know when we’ll be able to get this fire under control friend or potential hotspots but in general firefighters need to contain more and to keep themselves safe I’m particularly the wind there are a number of firefighters out here I mean 3500 I have been assigned to it and of course you have a lot of aircraft that are dousing the Flames when they see them a rupt but really it just down to the mother nature and the weather cooperating obviously they’re trying to do the best I can to put out hot spots when they see them to put out the flames you have the Hotshot Crews I tried to build containment lines but the bottom line is it is these conditions from Fierce because we’re talking about bone dry conditions and heat and so no matter how many firefighters you throw it this thing the challenges remain what are the distinctions are they all kind of you know in a morphine together or they still staying relatively separate the far as our Shepherd across the west coast and so really it’s up to the regional Cruise Regional management crew to determine how many firefighters they want to throw it in any particular fire this is really the worst one in the state of matter fact this fire already thanks among the top 20 destructive fires in California history so this is already a historic Wildfire with more than 500 a structures burned and once again who knows how long this going to go on for against Diamond thank you so much so at least three police officers have lost their homes in that fire near Redding and one of them is reading police chief Rodger Moore who is doing me right now on the phone so cheap more how are you and your family holding up knowing that you lost your home how many people are displaced here in the city of reading, as far as my family and I we are safe and property can be replaced a little bit so Chief what were the moments like before losing your home I’ll wear one of your family members you you at the house or did you have to evacuate what were the circumstances run from a Whiskeytown National Park area on Wednesday almost touching our city so Thursday we are getting ready for evacuations the winds kicked up like we have spoken about and gale force winds fire tornado so I was actually sitting in my subdivision monitoring that I had got my family out and I watched it go completely north through the subdivision with my father to take out many many neighborhoods that evening and that was the worst of it as far as the city goes the best this fire is unpredictable it’s going and many many different direction and it’s very hard to predict family members you know when you are okay but talk to me about what this is like now you know you usually respond and you’re continuing to responding to emergencies but now you are here straddling both those worlds now that you all have been victimized like this describe for me if you can what this feels like for you my family has good support here I will continue to remain on duty with my personal and I can tell you that it’s been overwhelming support from OES and Cal Fire National Guard all the highway patrolman all our law enforcement and all of our volunteers are city is really coming together they give food stand up shelters and so we just we carry on it will get through this so they’re trying to get a containment line on that but it is a giant fire and it’s going to require a lot of resources cuz of the Winds when we wish you and your family the best and of course very safe a police chief Roger Moore thank you so much
Fueled by soaring temperatures, erratic winds, dry air and heavy vegetation, the Carr fire scorched more than 32,000 acres overnight and was only 5% contained, according to Cal Fire. CNN’s Dan Simon reports from Redding, California.

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