Firefighters battle Ontario wildfires

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Firefighters battle Ontario wildfires
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Ontario Cruz continue to battle 39 fires burning across the northeastern part of the province and a dozen are not yet under control one of the biggest is the Parry Sound 33 week and a half and is grown to more than 82 square kilometers and the water bombers that were operating on that fire scene looks like little specks little yellow dots with a smoke in the background so it really gave your perspective how large that fire was stretch of the trans-canada highway that connects Sudbury to Parry Sound Windsor Fanning the Flames towards Highway 69 blanketing communities and smoke the conditions are dry rain is not expected in the forecast to gain Force ever ground Crews from Ontario being assisted by hundreds of firefighters from across Canada and the United States and Mexico Chris ensing visited one Community that’s playing a big role supporting their efforts it’s one in a steady stream 13 helicopters are working this fire entering day 11 the work is exhausting but made a bit easier thanks to the small community of Britt this is Basecamp making the Bell on Jay’s family field a helipad committed to their job and they’re trying to get this under control as quick as they can that’s not hard to see how much effort they put in here I’ve been welcomed with open arms the local Legion closed indefinitely now spot world fishel’s can plot out their next attack the inlet First Nation about 200 people were forced out and they won’t be able to return until next Friday at the earliest end sprinklers on homes protective measures for the worst case scenario and figure out where we were and it’s too late scorched-earth all that’s left of hundred-year-old Cottages pasta four generations they’re ready for this to be over we have had cottagers that have lost you know buildings and Beyond and our heart goes out to those where the fire is still encroaching back on Belanger is filled the next helicopter prepares to leave there’s no expectation for how long this will last but it’s clear those fighting this forest fire are in this for the long Chris jansing CBC News Britt
Firefighters continue to battle wildfires in northeastern Ontario. CBC’s Chris Ensing reports.
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