Fires in northern California leave several dead

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Fires in northern California leave several dead
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they had no chance to run and no help could reach them in time today officials in Northern California say a fast-moving forest fire has killed at least six people and the danger is far from over it’s part of accrual and early start to Fire season on the US West Coast and is Lindsey duncombe reports the weather isn’t helping with fueled by my brush and sustained by record high temperatures this fire has Fred destruction and tragedy in Northern California Melody Bledsoe and her two great-grandchildren ages 4 and 5 died in their home she was covering the children with a wet blanket her husband dead was running an errand when he got a frantic phone call please Grandpa’s coming to Firefighters and an unidentified person who did not follow evacuation orders also died cruise continue to look for seven missing people more than 500 structures have burned in Tae your neighborhood’s everybody love this place it wasn’t just our place it was all of our family all of our friends all of our children’s friends and it’s a big a big loss for all of us the fire continues grow but it’s now moving away from populated areas we’re feeling a lot more optimistic today as we are starting to gain some ground California’s fire challenges are mounting more than a dozen major fires continue to burn on Thursday as far away as Florida are sending help some of the most popular parts of Yosemite National Park or closed because there’s too much smoke a major fire has been burning there for 2 weeks now and is only 30% contained in Wine Country yesterday a fast-moving fire destroyed 8 structures this is it could just be the beginning Wildfire season in California is usually at its worst in August and September there’s more heat to come Lindsey duncombe CBC News Washington it may be early but this year’s Fire season in California is already on track to be record-breaking so far in 2018 there had been more fires and more area burn then this time last year and 2017 was the first fire season in the States history by it’s in more than 9000 wild fires at touring through about 5000 square kilometers of land that’s almost the size of Pei those fire stick a far greater human tool 44 people and destroying more than 10000 homes and businesses
Fires in northern California have left several people dead. CBC’s Lyndsay Duncombe reports.

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