First look at the new Samsung Galaxy Note 10, Note 10+ | USA TODAY

First look at the new Samsung Galaxy Note 10, Note 10+ | USA TODAY
First look at the new Samsung Galaxy Note 10, Note 10+ | USA TODAY
Samsung Galaxy Notes once brought the biggest changes to the smartphone market, with the original note in 2011, coming to Define what became known as Phablet handsets, but today, most every premium smartphone is a phablet and the new Galaxy Note 8 and it’s sibling. The Galaxy Note 10 plus yes, Samsung, has two new notes. Coming out August 23rd. Don’T seem radical at all. The No 10 has a lovely 6.3 inch display and no 10 + 6.8 in weight. The original note had a 5.3 inch display, but there’s a plethora of Rivals with screen sizes in the same ballpark these days, including devices and Samsung’s own Galaxy S10 series. The no differentiator continues to be the Pen stylus pen on the Note ends. Samsung has made some modest improvements through are actions gestures. You can control the camera or music playback and when you take notes on the device with the S-Pen something you could always do, you can help handwriting to text and Export the results to Microsoft Word. You can also use the S-Pen to help you do more precise, video editing and the new AR feature lets. You add cute doodles to live images on the screen. For example, you can turn a free into a pirate. Other improvements include a bump up in memory and pay storage. The only the note n+ lets you bolster the storage through MicroSD there’s, also a larger battery in the Note 10 plus, compared to the note 9 get the overall device Slimmer and lighter a last Samsung on both the Note n & o 10 +. I love apple and others in removing the standard, headphone jack and that’s a bummer, then you know it’s expensive, but starting prices of $ 949 for the Note 10 $ 1,099 for the Note 10, plus, with a 5G version exclusive for a time with Verizon that will Cost even more, if there’s good news with those prices, it’s that the new notes are still far less expensive than the Samsung Galaxy folder following a lengthy delay, is coming in September at a price that nearly cracks $ 2,000. That’S a radical price for a four more radical smartphone
The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10+ come with large screens, souped up S Pen stylus and a bigger battery.

The Note 10 and Note 10+ hit stores on August 23 at starting prices around $950 and $1100, respectively, with a 5G 10+ version exclusive (for now) to Verizon starting at $1300. (Preorders begin just after midnight, Aug. 8.)

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