Fitton: Congress allowing Rosenstein to walk all over them

Fitton: Congress allowing Rosenstein to walk all over them
9:15, here in New York and Washington, Deputy AG Rod, Rosenstein expected to pay stuff questions behind closed doors in front of lawmakers from two house committees. Some Republicans do not like the format. What to bring Judicial Watch, how you doing good morning to you just just so have you were, is no. They they took about 30 lawmakers and winter them down to four to Republicans to Democrats, are you okay with that, of course not this? Is it going to be secret testimony and, if you’re trying to prevent fax from getting out to the public, this is the way to do it, and the idea that a republican-controlled house wouldn’t let more Republicans into question rod, sign over a key issue about whether he In the FBI were talking about trying to remove the president from Office the the fact that is that the justice department doesn’t want to answer questions of Congress and Congress in this case differential. Do you not trust the day after the appropriate questions? I don’t trust that the information will get out to the American people in a timely way, don’t trust that it, generally speaking, members of Congress and congressional committees to be doing these types of Investigations, behind-closed-doors they’ve been a series of other witnesses that have been recently question. We still don’t know what they say. I’M tired of these secret testimonies before guys aren’t on to the next one is made public the unclassified one going to be made public. That’S the question. I have okay! Well, that doesn’t want to answer. The question is going to be declassifying the material it talk about. A conflict will take to get you an answer. Kemetic. What do you expect these members of Congress to get to to get from Rosen Stein? Why he’s been saying office meeting with the FBI about wiretapping the president evoking 25th amendment that he was joking about invoking 25th amendment? I mean about the wiretapping he didn’t say he was joking about invoking the 25th Amendment and also discussed that meeting in this. In this meeting about overthrowing the president, removing him from office was getting a special counsel appointed. So I just hope they focus on the appointment of the special counsel, because this is all about the molar operation and protecting the molar operation for be question about its core. About the wait was created, which was corruptly, it was created because Rod Rosenstein thought he was under the gun. From Democrats he was getting pressure about Comey being fired. He was also witness in the firing and to wash his hands of the whole Affair. He appointed mr. Mueller, and on top of that, you had called me pressuring, Rose and sign his friend by stealing and then releasing a President Trump’s FBI. Suppose we had with what’s the weather outside will be there. This is why Judicial Watch does its own lawsuits. Does its own Freedom Reformation act investigations because Congress isn’t necessarily the best vehicle, isn’t necessarily the best vehicle for transparency and getting questions answered? We are get documents about keep meetings like this. Sometimes, before Congress did, for instance, the those Shady Shady fisa warrant applications Judicial Watch obtain before Bob goodlatte Judiciary Committee. So what we doing our own work, but because we don’t expect much from Congress – and here you got Congress basically getting down and allowing mr. Rose and sinus walk all over them. And it’s just unbelievable to me. Nice to see.
Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton slams the format of Republicans’ closed interview with the deputy attorney general.

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