Fitton: Trump must intervene on Page FISA application

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Fitton: Trump must intervene on Page FISA application
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release of the FBI’s Feist application to spy on Carter page we know for certain now that the Steele dossier in its own verified contents were in fact used to justify long-term spying on an American citizen that used to be a big an earlier time like a year ago the left would be barking about that for good reason they reveal about the Obama Administration spying on the Trump campaign Time Fitness president of the usual watch Whose foia request is responsible for getting that fights the application released in the first place he joins us of all thank you for done with these foia requests they’re complicated and expensive and I’m really glad that you filed that because it gives us a picture of what this fine was about but it doesn’t give us the full picture what do you think it’s been redacted NY add more information about this honesty with the fisa court or things that the Obama Administration and frankly some of the Trump Administration don’t want us to see in terms of outrageous political targeting the Trump campaign and then even president Trump because remember these fights warrants were used during the Obama Administration and signed as recently as June of 2017 by ro Rosen Rod Rosenstein who resemble use it for the Mueller investigation so there a lot of people who don’t want to see us that want us to see the full information and the present is intervene directly into classify this additional material Devin Nunes Bob goodlatte you name it says there’s nothing classified here they’re just protecting their own and if the president declassification earlier this year frankly led to the release of this material through the foil process he should take the next step release the next set of information is only 30 pages or so and I’ll get the full truth out to the American people it’s within his power to do he overrode the Deep State earlier this year and we got this amazing material about the DNC Clinton dossier should override their concerns again he is protecting the reputation of your agency or hiding your own corruption is valid reasons to redact information in a document the FBI need to stop the cover up and using these exemptions these redactions to protect public disclosure of government corruption is in an appropriate use of those materials these guys can’t be trusted to evaluate the material fairly and distance
Thanks to the release of the FBI’s FISA application against Carter Page, we now know for certain that the Steele dossier’s unverified contents were used to justify long-term spying on a U.S. citizen. But much of that FISA application remains classified. What could be in those redacted pages, and what might they reveal about the Obama administration’s spying on the Trump campaign? Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton sounds off. #Tucker

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