Five Demands Not One Less

Five Demands Not One Less
Five Demands Not One Less
What channel is joint is good evening? Carrie Lam in Hong Kong would like everybody to move on after she decided to bow to. The protest has to Mountain to get rid of the extradition bill, but it isn’t working out that way, so it doesn’t look likely that those protest will end any time soon, especially on the twittersphere trending on Twitter. Today and yesterday the hashtag five tomans, not one last here, we see some of the graphics that uses of been sharing the five major divisions of the protesters, both in English and in Chinese to get extra attention. You have an example here and another one here. Of course, Carolina pictures of this one highlighted in this poster. We want to choose a chief executive in Hong Kong, the leaders elected by select committee and purchase the thing that they want direct universal suffrage, ugly, daedelus Vermont across street movement. I found this at quite an interesting and you can basically add information on in real time right now very early in the morning in Hong Kong, during the day and in the evening little icons, I didn’t tell people that I sharing information and and Gathering and places The first aid and things like that to like make sure everyone’s being safe this evening, to see if they have images of people on the streets is not just the internet even today, at the huge human chain to see a couple of pictures hair. But it goes on Secondary School students. Today, Winston-Salem brexit, Boris Johnson, is not having a good week by anybody’s standards in centimeters, and you promised that you’d expect to do better than lose. The first pull boats that you faced with your buddy is done little brother. Turning against him politically play Johnson Forrester, younger brother Harry and a picture of Aspen publicly very much at odds with his brother over increase. It seems like he’s had enough because of this family issue, that of people concentrating more about the stories he if he was any other politician. Maybe it would have been a bit sent me that his brother is really interested brother. Doesn’T trust him? Why should you took Boris Johnson, I quite like this one. That’S go to 30000 likes already from the TV channel. Have I got released TV show breaking Joe Johnson resigns to spend that time with his family once again divided. I want to hear you fill me in, but you got somebody here: cold shopping case and Donald Trump’s of the middle of it Orion I’m expecting the US off DePauw sheet, destroying the Bahamas at the US president has been insisting that the state of Alabama was in The line of fire, even though, even though dhamaka Penn someone’s attitude, this hashtag Shawty Gates and then they taking him there been on the Earth. When the president played golf White House releases of trump completed, going to be, the weather service is saying that this wasn’t truth. a timeline of the Donald Trump signs. His presidential orders with a Sharpie pen don’t lie. So, thank you very much and ate two of myself watching stable economy like in Paris,
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Hong Kong protesters react to Carrie Lam’s concession – #FiveDemandsNotOneLess #FiveDemandsNoOneLess and #TooLittleTooLate are trending on Twitter.
Meanwhile in the UK, the First Family is going through a Brexit breakup. Boris Johnson’s brother Jo quit the cabinet and his seat as MP.
Finally, thousands of Twitter users are teasing Donald Trump with #SharpieGate. It appears the US President may prefer to be right rather than to adequately inform the public about an oncoming hurricane.

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