Five Questions with Gayle King

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Five Questions with Gayle King
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would you like me to share with you how much I got last night 4 hours and 35 minutes and we do so many segments on CBS This Morning about the importance of sleep so I’m like a dead man walking right now gosh I wish it was such a thing as a typical day I honestly don’t even know what that means my alarm goes off every day at 3:22 exactly because I have program that way because there’s a certain segments that comes on TV that I want to see I have to hit the snooze button at least three times before I actually get out of bed the car picks me up at 4:30 it’s there I don’t always get in it at 4:30 but it’s there at 4:30 going to go to the studio hair and makeup this physical transformation takes 2 hours to look this naturally cute cuz I walked in there looking like holy hell The Show Goes On the air we’re off at 9 we have promos the show then we always have a post-mortem everyday what worked what didn’t what are we planning for the next day and then I go to my second job at Oprah Magazine and I’m there till 6:37 tonight so it’s a very very very long day but I still say love it after all this time I still love it in terms are prepping for the show we get homework delivered every single night so in oh here I am at the age of 63 still having homework you know I thought when I got out of college homework days were over but I still get homework every night and then in the mall this is what I love so much about the snooze you can get your homework tonight before the show is planned a certain way but something happened to his breaking news like real breaking news overnight and everything is totally changed but I love that about this job most recently I went to Texas to cover the immigration story The heartbreaking story to me still is for many people to see the mothers and fathers firsthand who were separated from their children really proud of the work we did they are that was certainly a high point for me even though it was a low point I think in society and still continues to be you know I think you have to be objective any story I cover or any story I read I have an opinion on it but I’m not paid sure my opinion that said we are not robots or I’m not a robot I have human emotions I’m a member of the human race so certainly there are stories that affect you more than others I worked in Connecticut for over 18 years I like everybody else is Shattered by the the shooting of those little children in their classes of these kids were 6 years old some of them sitting there and they’re with their baby teeth where someone Adam Lanza walks and then blows those the school away you know you can’t help it be affected by the I don’t make a habit of showing emotion on television but I also don’t think it’s the worst thing in the world if you do I’d work part-time at at a camera store when I was in college it was next to a TV station would you like double glossy or would you like matter would you like double Prince I was at girl turns out one of the big cheeses that work there took a liking to me so you have you ever thought about TV I went well no actually no I never have he said you have such a nice voice and such a nice pleasant way about you would you be interested in an entry level position and my response was well do you have to work weekends and he said well you know that’s an inch question no one’s ever asked that note to self when someone’s handing you a gift to say Thank you so as it turns out I didn’t have to work weekends I was working the night shift but I walked in that news room and I was hooked I was hooked on TV news it’s interesting what you can do on your resume with creative writing that’s not out not lying and so I parlayed that production assistant entry level job into a news writing position of the station in Baltimore and from there got a report training program and then it was Off to the Races if you’re trying to follow in my footsteps or anybody else’s with stuff you’ve got to get yourself in the door get a foot in the door and make sure people know your name and in a good way you know you remember the real obnoxious people that you come across when you’re first starting out and you also remember the people who you say that guy has something that girl has something that you know people who are really good just stand out I call it the it Factor I call it a sparkle somebody who goes above and beyond the Call of Duty somebody that you see really enjoy what they’re doing so my advice is always find somebody who’s doing what you like to do and figure out a weight maybe not necessary be next to that person in particular but get yourself in that position that sets you up for that job and sometimes you have to take two steps back to have to take a step back don’t take too but sometimes you have to take a step back to take another step forward so I’m old in favor of entry level positions will you can get hands-on experience I can always tell intern so I think we’re going to do well you know I never poo poo an intern position because we have some interns it coming you can see them looking at their watch how much longer is it 5:00 is it sick of all the others breaking news I got to stay there’s that kind of guy then there’s somebody else that said is there anything else I can do for you is there anything else can I write something can I research something will you take a look at this I was that kind of kid I was I was a sponge that just really really wanted to learn everything there was about this business it worries me that we live in society today where people are encouraged to be their worst pause you know you look at some of the reality shows and people behave in such a outrageous behavior and their applauded for that or you look at the political landscape where everybody it’s obituary all I can so bile and so he I don’t want to sound like you know Grandma sitting at the table but there really is something to the the phrase of do unto others as you would have them do unto you you know it is not hard it’s not hard at all to be kind to be respect and be nice to people that’s not difficult
Gayle King, anchor of CBS This Morning, discusses her path from college to current career and gives advice on how to succeed.


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