Flamengo football club: Ten die in Rio de Janeiro fire – BBC News

Flamengo football club: Ten die in Rio de Janeiro fire – BBC News
Why is reports have killed 10 people and injured three more at the training ground? One of Brazil’s most successful football clubs Flamingo the fire broke out at the new durability in Rio de Janeiro in a building youth Team Plasma. Let’S begin our correspondent, Andrea Julia. What we know he is in the western part of Rio, and there are already of families Gathering they’re anxious for information about the victims of the names of the people who were injured in there in hospital. These are three young, 15 and 14 years of age have been disclosed, but the names of those that have been killed by the fire, according to Firefighters here in Rio, have not yet be made public, so of course, families that had young boys living in those facilities. This is all a structure that belongs to Flamingo. This is the biggest football club in Rio, it’s cherished by the city of course. Here it’s a dream for young man to go into football for so for them for the sapphire affected, the dormitory of these categories of the team, so young man who are being trained to go up the ladder and hopefully make it into professional football in the future. So it’s it’s not any presumption to imagine that it’s it’s a dream come true for many of the be there and this fire hit the dormitory of the youngest parts of the team, these categories that were being trained to be professional, footballers of flamingo, terrible news of Coals for the families, we know that the situation is still ongoing. Judea any word at all as to how this far started. No, not yet are still at the scene. Working the fire teams has being controlled and there, but we’re still waiting for definitive numbers to see. If there were any more victims of the families, have now. ushered into the center, where the directors of flamingos are gathered, and there were lots of journalists are already asking them questions. So, in a way this seems to be a means of protecting them and providing the more information about what’s half and the team has not yet come out to speak to say what happened on and how this happened. But it is a big shock that training facility Kita is referred to here is New England vulture’s nest and that’s a reference to the mascot of Flamingo, the vulture, which is sort of Embrace by all the fans of the team and it’s a mess because of course It’S it’s fostering the the futures of all the younger the younger generation entering the team and that precisely that Ness has been affected by this Dreadful fire. Very sad to hear that.. We will keep you updated on
A fire has engulfed a dormitory at the youth team training centre of one of Brazil’s biggest football clubs, killing 10 people.

Three people were also injured when the fire broke out at Ninho de Urubu, the training ground of Flamengo football club, in Rio de Janeiro.

All ten victims are said by local media to be young athletes. The cause of the fire is not yet known.

Flamengo is one of Brazil’s biggest and best-known clubs internationally.

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