Flawless sun cream without sticky hands – BBC News

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Flawless sun cream without sticky hands – BBC News
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Flawless sun cream without sticky hands – BBC News
This is no ordinary Sun cream Sprite, my body and the droplets have been electrically charged to give me a Flawless coating here. I am putting on some cream by hand in front of a UV camera. The song cream absorbs UV light, so it shows up black hair and makes it easy to see if I’ve missed a bit could electrically charged spray off of better protection. So here’s how it works on the spray bottle when you squeeze them, it puts an electric charge into a body the droplets that sprays are attracted to your skin. It’S a bit like Houston, coaching car parts, but when I pulled out my top, I was really surprised it did give me a smooth coating of some cream. There are still a few problems to iron out with the Prototype. One of them is using it. If you touch anyone, you give them quite enough. Second, one is you’re not really supposed to use it on your face. The company did warn me that there’s a charged particles will stick everywhere on your skin. They find out they go into. Is they find their way into your eyes? Even if you put your eyes closed so juice on the face? I was not just for some cream. The company also plans to offer things like body oil that you can appreciate the application, for this might be useful.
A body-spraying gadget that promises to deliver flawless coats of sun cream and cosmetics is going on show at the CES tech show in Las Vegas.

The BBC’s Chris Fox used the Ioniq sprayer in front of an ultraviolet camera, to see how well it worked.

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