Flights delayed amid government shutdown

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Flights delayed amid government shutdown
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Flights delayed amid government shutdown
This morning, the government shutdown causes delays at some of the country’s major airports. Bfa said they experience a slight increase in air traffic controllers calling out sick at 2 facilities. The controllers are part of the thousands of federal workers who have been working without hey. As a result of the stick called, there were delays at airports in New York, New Jersey, Philadelphia and Tampa Association of flight from Washington to Sarah. What’S your reaction to what happened this morning at the airports? Listen, this shutdown push people to their breaking point, and this never should have happened. This is twice as long as any shut down in our history and there’s a reason for that, because federal workers are not faceless bureaucrats. There are people who do real work that keep our country running but keep us safe. These are traffic controllers, for example, a representation of the 800,000 people who were either locked out of work or Force. to work without pay, and they were pushed to their breaking point. We need to really focus on a human impact here that what we did with this country did was lock out. Almost a million people put them in under incredible stress of not knowing when this would end why they were ponds in this political brinkmanship, and this has never happened before no one could ever plan for this and they hit their breaking point and that’s what we said. That’S what I’ve been warning of is that these These are people. These are people in high-stress jobs who have to get it write a hundred percent of the time, and they proved to us that they are going to keep us safe. This was their breaking point. They said we are broken, we are fatigued, we are worried. We are starting to make mistakes, we can’t concentrate at work because we’re worried about our families at home and we don’t know how this is going to end and they said we cannot come and ensure that we can do our job safely. got to hear. I can tell it’s emotional for you, it’s extremely emotional. You know this is not something that any other country in this world would ever accept that you would put people through this. This kind of experience will we have to recognize two is that we have to have a real conversation about the labor laws in this country. There are people who expressed absolute dumbfounded Ness that we could actually forced people to come to work without pay. We thought that went out with the 13th Amendment, it’s it’s unbelievable, that that happened in this country, and so I want to make sure that we’re talking about the fact that this can never happen again. This can’t happen in 21 days. It can’t even be a thought. These people cannot be used as pawns. Their Destiny is all Destiny, as dr. king would say, and we are tied together and this country doesn’t work. It does not work without the federal workers who Keep Us Safe, Keep the Country running, and we know that very well. As flight attendants who depend on them when they can’t do their job week, and we knew that this was about our jobs as well, do you think that these airport workers who called out sick today could be part of the reason why the president chose to reopen The government that we would hit the Tipping Point – and we would get some sense of responsibility here and there was enough pressure that was placed when people start to think about our air transportation. I’M going down and what kind of impact that will have in every Community. Across America and how that will affect our economy, and maybe that is what made people finally sit up and take notice, it wasn’t enough, but a million people were put through hell for the last month or more. But now we understand that. That’S what happened and now we have to fix it and make sure this never happens again. Have you spoken to some of the people that you represent those FAA workers like the air traffic controllers? What are they saying and what’s been there way, action to President Trump announcing his reopening the government? You know they’re telling us this morning that they’re so exhausted, so but they’re just too tired to even have any emotions other than a sigh of relief that it’s over. But now they’ve got a clean up from what they’ve experienced over the last month and they’ve still got bill collectors calling them and Miss payments and people missed mortgage payments and they’ve got to put their lives back together, so well, they’re expressing relief other still. A lot of angst about how they’re going to do that and whether or not they’re going to be used as political pawns again, president of the flight attendants Association, this isn’t just a position for you. You are so vested in this into people. I can see just how it affects you and I feel very strong about our careers and what we contribute to the country are. We have more access to the public than almost any other Workforce, and I know that we can be a big part of setting a tone in this country and – and I really care about these people who care so much about the people in their care. Everyday. That’S who we are, and that’s that’s just who will always be – and in this moment in time this was also about making sure that our friends who died on 9-11 we’re not forgotten that we were not repeating something senselessly that could put us in the same position And so this was personal to us and we are on a mission to make sure that never happens again. I can see why it’s so emotional, Sarah, Nelson and grateful for your time and thank you for joining us. Thank you.
Friday morning, the government shutdown caused delays at numerous airports as air traffic controllers called out sick. Sara Nelson, the president of the Association of Flight Attendants, joined CBSN to discuss her reaction to the delays and the news that the government is reopening.

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