Flights suspended at Gatwick again – BBC News

Flights suspended at Gatwick again – BBC News
Spokesman at Gatwick saying that they have suspended the runway 1sagain off to report Services suspected drone in the vicinity of the runway at let’s tilted puppy, Smithers who’s, currently on the runway there on a flight waiting golf today, while walking telescopic. How long have you been waiting to get on that flight it took to take off? I was waiting, I was well, so you would just about to take off finally having been at the airport since mid-morning and then and then you heard that they had being a suspected stroke and sneezing. She must be disappointed to say the very least. What would you feel about? Whoever has been causing all this disruption and all this chaos at Gatwick by flying drones? We don’t know if it’s personal, several people yeah, I mean security measures in place to try and stop this kind of thing happening. We just need pictures that I’ve got wake of all the people who’ve been stranded. What was it like that today, with so many people trying to get on flights? Who is trying to take off suspended once again, because the runway has been closed to getting off to reports of suspected drone in the vicinity of the runway?
Flights at Gatwick have been suspended again due to a new “suspected drone sighting”.

A spokeswoman for the airport said: “We are just hearing a report of another drone sighting that we are investigating.

“As we look into it we have taken the precaution of suspending flights.”

Aircraft have been circling the skies over the airport as they are currently unable to land.

The sighting reportedly occurred at about 17:10 GMT.

The Ministry of Defence has not confirmed the sighting but Sussex Police said its officers were investigating.

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