Florida Gov. briefs the media as Hurricane Dorian strengthens

Florida Gov. briefs the media as Hurricane Dorian strengthens
Florida Gov. briefs the media as Hurricane Dorian strengthens
A good evening I just got off the phone with Ken, Graham, the Director of National Hurricane Center, received an update on the latest forecast. I’Ve also been briefed by Jared Moskowitz in our state meteorologist Amy Godsey. Today, I’ve spoken with everyone from the general in charge of the Army Corps to Governor Brian Kemp and Georgia. We had a conference call with County officials, City mayor’s legislators, Tom and Weaver. You know, I think, we’re communicating very well. I also spoke with President Trump and he assured me that the Florida will get whatever assistance that we need. The 5 p.m. advisory issued by National Hurricane Center up placed of Florida places on Florida’s East Coast from Deerfield Beach to Sebastian Inlet on a tropical storm watch, which means that tropical storm-force winds could arrive within 48. This is likely to be expanded further north very soon to include include places north of Sebastian, Inlet in Brevard, County Volusia and up the coast to Floridians on the East Coast need to be prepared. If you have a plan, stick to your plan, you haven’t made preparations. Please do so we need to remain Vigilant. We are not. Certainly those communities are not outside of the cone. We just did a a brief, with Ken, Graham in state meteorologist and they’ve, actually move the forecast slightly to the West, not a huge difference to the naked eye, but they’re starting to run models that bring it closer or even on to Florida’s Coast that could produce Life threatening storm surge in Hurricane force winds, so it’s still too early to determine exactly where that may go, but we’re not out of the woods yet so our posture here and we’re encouraged by the last 24 hours that have seen the forecast be pushed off Florida’s Coast, but we’re also preparing for the fact that that cone of uncertainty still includes a lot of areas on the east, the Florida and even into Central and North Florida. So we are, we are staying prepared and we are remaining Vigilant. We right now have the Florida Highway Patrol deploying 3 aircraft to monitor traffic over 75 95. I’M in the Florida Turnpike we’re going to continue to monitor traffic flow throughout the state. I will make whatever decisions we need to alleviate traffic if it becomes a problem. We also have gotten reports that the availability of fuel has improved part of that. I think, because at the cone is a moved away from our most populous County, other run on gas and in Miami-Dade at has declined, but nevertheless the fuel trucks were working all through the night to be able to get more fuel to the gas station. So please monitor the situation, listen to your local authorities and if they do issue warnings to evacuate. Please heed the call without I’ll take a couple questions. Georgia. Is it dumb a case where there have to have to worry about their own impacts now, rather than helping you out or are we still focused on helping out Florida and bracing for whatever? Well, it universally is earlier in the week it was they were calling to check in on us. That’S if we needed anything and he’s our guys, I’m friends with, and so it’s I appreciated that and then what I would do. I’Ve called them and just said, hey. Here’S where we’re seeing in some forecasting we’re seeing maybe attract East on this thing, so just letting you know in, and they were seeing similar things, and so I think we’re all kind of in it together. Just obviously don’t want it to hit the State of Florida, but I don’t want it to Georgia and South Carolina either. We hope it goes further out, but yeah. I think that, because there was so much attention on Florida, the fact that the NHA see tweak the Tweet the model. I think people are now looking at her more concerned in those States how many officials in the mayor’s are they all sort of on hold right. Now, as far as anymore, evacuation plans that had been issued either mandatory, partial or vol Terry would have applied up to this point. Anyways, I think correct. I didn’t know the earliest was tomorrow morning and and actually, if you look at the storm, I mean this thing’s projected to kind of just turn over the Bahamas and just stay there for a while and then make that turn nor I’m in so. I initially was thinking it’s Sunday morning, good enough, but I think it probably still gives them plenty of time to do it, and – and I think that’s really what we’re going to be looking for in terms of the other forecasted. When does it start turn north? If it starts to turn north a sooner rather than later, in terms of on its track will then that’s going to be better for Florida that keeps chugging towards the coast and does that late turn? Then we getting a situational, we could have interactions with the actual hurricane-force winds and that will cause a lot of damage at that runs up the coast, and I will be a very big threat to people who live on those Island. The Bahamas are going to get absolutely level by this thing, because this thing’s a strong storm, the Bahamas, are fly. They got no defense to this storm and it’s going to turn over there. It’S going to dump perhaps two feet of rain on the Bahamas and a lot of good places to evacuate in the Bahamas. I mean so say a prayer for the people there, because they’re there about 2 play something that That’s mighty strong executing on their plans and Gina are in our consultation with them, as if the pure in the cone, you should continue to move with the plans you Had just the other day because look as we’ve seen right, the storm is his continued to bounce to the east. It bounces to the West. That’S really the history of the storm, I’m still sticking with their plans, so we’ll be back tomorrow on to do to do another update, obviously for Floridians will continue to prepare, be prepared, be vigilant, watch this and listen to your folks. You know War hi, hide love to be able to report that, and more of the state is outside of the cone tomorrow. But you know you know these things that is Storm could go as far east as that come if it goes as far west as the cone has. No, that is go impact us in a very, very big way, so we want to be prepared for that eventuality. We want to be ready for it, I mean, while we can all hope that that the storm takes a different course thanks.
Florida Governor Ron DeSantis holds a press conference on Hurricane Dorian as the storm gains strength.

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