Fmr. Agent: On 10 Unexploded Bombs, That’s Going To Be A Fingerprint Party | Andrea Mitchell | MSNBC

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Fmr. Agent: On 10 Unexploded Bombs, That’s Going To Be A Fingerprint Party | Andrea Mitchell | MSNBC
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Fmr. Agent: On 10 Unexploded Bombs, That’s Going To Be A Fingerprint Party | Andrea Mitchell | MSNBC
Great whites from your experience, we don’t know exactly how this arrest went down, but they clearly had a flatbed truck ready. This looks like a very precise FBI investigation. I did this out in it not to say that they do this a lot, but it’s pretty textbook about how they go and try and apprehend people in these sorts of circumstances. You can look back to other cases. There was Kevin Hart from who is a domestic extremism out in planning to bomb out of Martin Luther parade in Spokane Washington they’ve gone through this drill before and even if you remember the DC snipers they intercepted them off of Highway. At one point using a very similar technique and it’s a plan raid to try and get the person and apprehend and peacefully, I think the other thing that we can look at is this shows the value of forensic evidence. What is been an opportunity, and what is an awful situation is the bombs did not detonates. That leaves lots of human for forensics that are out, and even yesterday I think most people assume that this would happen if not today, by the end of the weekend, which was you have a lot of signatures for the terms of the mail system, you have a Lot of human forensics you’ve got a very clear Target list. You know lines in a very logical way, based on the motors potentially of it of the bomber, and so I’m not surprised that they closed on this very quickly. I think it’s some things to think about is: why can we do this so quickly? Remember back to the anthrax case. This was one of those times where we started developing out a way to track packages through the mail system, and I have a feeling all of that investment during the counterterrorism years as well is really paid off today to where the FBI, these task forces can quickly Descend and run this down before we even more bombs in a potentially hit in the mail or being delivered places, comparing it to the to the Austin bombings. You know earlier this year was a little bit more complex and dangerous situation on 52nd Street in New York outside that postal facility. Earlier today, the deputy for terrorism for counter-terrorism in New York from the NYPD John Miller workers around the front line here with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms who’s, dealt with a lot of these bomb investigations. In the past, he’s postal workers have been trained to spot things. My postal worker at that facility today and they have been more at risk than anyone else, because a lot of these packages were going to be intercepted by law enforcement officials for those who have Secret Service and in fact all of them went through the mail system. Absolutely great, I just just like you throw up some key points for you here at written many of these criminal complaints on bombers. I can tell you how those developed how to write them.. We went to Shell Florida. It wouldn’t be unusual for the passport to get a tip on a guy like this who’s driving down the street, with the president’s face and all these right-wing bumper stickers on his van. This is a guy could get a tip on and you would have his name and, of course the lab would be working. It develop fingerprints and DNA. I can tell you on 10, unexploded bombs and I’ve worked on many many of these bombs. That’S going to be a fingerprint party under the tape Prince that they can lift +, hair and DNA. Won’T you have a name of someone. You have fingerprints and DNA and the person you have the name of whether you got it from a tip of cell tower. Intercept survey the post office and he has a criminal record with fingerprint of arrest with fingerprints. It’S pretty academic. You check that arrest. You get to fingerprints, I mean we literally with the fingerprint card and look through the loop fingerprint examiner, say: that’s the same guy and that’s likely what we’re going to see in this criminal complaint, because that’s the way we would write him. We get right down to the brass tacks. You know this guy’s fingerprint was found underneath the tape that was mail to Joe Biden, Maxine Waters or something and based on that evidence. You know I want a warrant judge for this guy for sending all these identical packages. In or in fact we match, the fingerprint on seven of the packages were whatever. Yes, you have probable cause to believe that this man is responsible for the bomb and then we get into the grand jury process after that and where the charges can be changed most likely. So I can tell you how we would do this as we would charge possession and manufacture of destructive devices, which is basically the ATF law that forces you to say that you, you you he was in possession and he manufactured the bombs, simple Federal, here’s, his fingerprint You’Ll, keep it straight in weapons of mass destruction they put in it other charges or use other charges. We try to be simple in the complaint normally because we’re trying to hold him we’re trying to prove probable cause and that’s what we’re going to see here. I think it’s great work by FBI, ATF Postal Service employees, NYPD the plantation police Miami-Dade. I mean every single agency and watching MSNBC on YouTube. If you want to keep up-to-date with the videos were putting out you, can click subscribe just below me or click over on this list, as he videos
Retired ATF Special Agent In Charge, Jim Cavanaugh, and Former FBI Special Agent, Clint Watts, join Andrea Mitchell to discuss how investigators use forensic evidence to identify a suspect.
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Fmr. Agent: On 10 Unexploded Bombs, That’s Going To Be A Fingerprint Party | Andrea Mitchell | MSNBC

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