Fmr. National Security Advisor Susan Rice Discusses Bolton’s Resignation | The Last Word | MSNBC

Fmr. National Security Advisor Susan Rice Discusses Bolton’s Resignation | The Last Word | MSNBC
Fmr. National Security Advisor Susan Rice Discusses Bolton’s Resignation | The Last Word | MSNBC
Obama had three National Security advisors over eight years in office, President Trump has had three National Security advisors over Less Than 3 years in office. President Trump’s First National Security adviser Michael Flynn, served only 21 is in the job, the shortest tenure of any national security adviser. In History, Michael Flynn was in court today for a pre-sentencing hearing for the crimes he has pleaded guilty to crimes he committed in the White House, while serving as National Security adviser when he lied to the FBI. Michael Flynn was replaced by HR McMaster HR McMaster was then replaced by John Bolton and John Bolton will be replaced next week. According to the present position, Nationals Riser does not require Senate confirmation, so the only possible struggle to the president in appointing a new National Security adviser is finding someone who will accept the job. It was an honor for Susan Rice to accept the offer prison Obama to serve as his third National Security advisor. She served in that position for the entire second term of the Obama presidency. In the first term of the Obama presidency. Susan Rice served as the ambassador to the United Nations Bastrop Susan Rice will join us next. Discussion now is someone who can give us an invaluable perspective on the job of National Security advisor Susan Rice is the last person to in the job of National Security advisor before Donald Trump start. Appointing National Security adviser Susan Rice served as President Obama’s National Security advisor from 2013 to January of 2017, and before that, she served as President Obama’s ambassador to the United from 2009 to 2013 top love, my story of things worth fighting for comes out next month. I’M about to write, thank you very much for joining us tonight. I just want to get what was your first reaction today when you heard the news that John Bolton was either fired according to Donald Trump or resigned, but according to John Bolton – and I was a bit surprised to see it flash across the screen, I had to Plug in the headphones to find out what was actually going on, I was surprised by the time, but not the actual, because for quite awhile it’s been apparent that John Bolton and Donald Trump were on very different sheets of music when it comes to almost every national Security issue of import and Fulton was going to continue to be publicly humiliated and failed to persuade the president of his course of action where the president was going to capitulate, which seemed highly unlikely. So something was going to come a Cropper at some stage and seemed to think of anyone who win in Republican politics or any of our politics and policy who agrees with. Trump on North Korea. His approach North Korea, on this idea of let’s invite the Taliban to Camp David Horne on the Trump Tower switch, are a national security issue. What’S effectively from the vantage point of being a good National Security advisor. I think Bolton failed in that regard. To the extent that he refused to run a proper National Security decision-making process involved and the and the intelligence in the very difficult options surround any national security decision., He didn’t run that process and he are dated wrong number of important issues. Having said that, we could have the second coming of his National Security advisor the greatest one in history, running a perfect process and still win. Who could care less and wasn’t interested in facts? History analysis for the national interest and that’s what we have so we have two problems or process a national security decision-making process that is badly broken and a president who is not interested in rational decision-making. The serves the national interest opponents of the president of what should they be hoping for the next national security advisor solo, Endeavor to being a point guard leaving a basketball team, it is a team sport and we don’t seem to have had that of late. So would like to see National Security advisor who’s prepared to tell the president the truth and differ with the president when necessary, and in that regard I get Bolton credit, because a national security advisor is supposed to keep his counsel his or her counsel. But it’s supposed to give their honest and best judgment, and in this instance we have a president who seems to not want to hear anything other than yes, this soon-to-be an illustration of many things, but one of them might be. This is what happens to you. If you do tell President Trump of what you want us to think about, something in this case is reported to have been. Maybe the key play in stopping the Taliban visit to Camp David in that frustrated. The president and now John Bolton’s gone that maybe the lesson of this. This is what happens if you do tell the president the truth, National Security advisors for years, because the last thing we need to know ahead of Noah or the National Security advisor or leadership who skates leadership that isn’t interested in the National interest. That’S even more dangerous than than anything that I can think of total of three National Security advisers over the years with you serving the longest in the in that office of President Trump has not gone through. 3 he’ll be starting his fourth he promises of next week and so keeping on track to getting close to 8, even in the first term. What does that do to the National Security processes within the administration? Disruptive and it’s irresponsible quite frankly illustrate the point was named National Security advisor in early June of 2013. I had more than a month about a month of overlap with my predecessor, Tom, even though I was still serving as United Nations Ambassador. I spent most of my time in Washington meeting with Tom, going great death through the issues that were on our plate and the processes that I needed to understand. I spent time in National Security meeting with the president’s Daily Briefing with the president, United States. President Obama wanted that role to be played in very, very important role at the right hand of the president, when I came to back to Washington to take on the job July 1st, and Not only was I process, but obviously I had the experience of having sat At the principal’s decision making table for the prior 4 and 1/2 years in the National Security advisers office, who will have the experience? The Judgment, as well as the preparation to hit the ground running? And that is exactly what we need has broken in our news. Over the last 24 hours of major news organizations, including NBC news reporting on the extraction of a working for the United States government, this occur during your watches National Security advisor. According to the stories, that’s when they harvest of the information was coming in from this spy, and then it was our first consideration of extracting him during your time in office. What can you share with us about that? In what elements of the reporting could you confirm for us caution the public about in in what they’re reading about this story now may be accurate or inaccurate? It just now. Ambassador Susan Rice. What I think we understand that completely. Thank you very much for joining us. We really appreciate it thanks for checking out our YouTube channel subscribe by clicking on the button below for more from the last word in the rest of MS DC.
Susan Rice was the last person to serve as National Security Advisor before Donald Trump’s presidency. Susan Rice tells Lawrence what the next National Security Advisor needs to do to be successful working with a president who doesn’t like to hear anything other than “yes.”
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Fmr. National Security Advisor Susan Rice Discusses Bolton’s Resignation | The Last Word | MSNBC

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