Fmr. Prosecutor: Why Trump Could Now Be A Target Of Mueller Probe | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC

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Fmr. Prosecutor: Why Trump Could Now Be A Target Of Mueller Probe | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC
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this is not a drill and this is not a normal news alert what I am reporting tonight would you may have heard about because it broke today is evidence of a potential crime committed by the president in plain sight the top story tonight is for the Russia probe the only story is public presidential conduct that would be Unthinkable in any other era president Trump doing in public what. Richard Nixon in so much trouble when he did it in private some would make any citizen without regard to party very concerned tonight allegedly abusing the power of office to try to shutdown a probe into his own White House words that apply to Nixon ended his presidency in words that are Advanced tonight so let’s get into the story you may know if you watch this news program we don’t typically treat Donald Trump’s tweets as news stories because most of them are not news many of them are not factual some of them are outright lies great many of them are ploys is on to hijack the conversation distracted Media or troll the nation so let me explain upfront why we’re doing something different tonight president Trump is telling the Attorney General to shut down the mother Pro stating it in public I didn’t write it that Jeff sessions quote should stop the pronoun it to be clear if Donald Trump made that order in a private meeting with Jeff sessions are on a phone call to doj or how the big press conference in the White House and Amanda didn’t get any president did that it would be huge news it would be potential evidence of obstruction so here we do begin with this part of the story Donald Trump this is how he made the basic order writing the session to his of course Richie investigation under the guidance of the doj should quote stop it right now the top house Democrat investigating Russia responding by says this is an attempt to obstruct Justice in plain sight the Bob Miller was looking at whether these other things that Trump does and says what do they occur on Twitter or wherever they occur are part of the elements of the case of obstruction of justice which according to at least pass congress’s is something that again I don’t usually work out loud on the show but something to pass Congress and found to be an impeachable offense so that is all the big news tonight what is Donald Trump’s team doing about it while they’re saying these words which which you can read what you’re out in the open aren’t really what they say they are we use the word should hidden use the word must and it was no Presidential Directive comes after Rudy Giuliani the president’s lawyer on this probe is argue that when Trump does something on Twitter with 54 million people watching it happen that can’t be bad obstruction by tweet is not something that I think works real well generally obstruction is a secret it’s clandestine it’s corrupt reported on Tazewell previously on this program the defense done in public would be sneakier done in private is not a defense of the conduct it’s just sort of a weird after-the-fact rationalization the idea that Trump shouldn’t according to they only have legal exploser for any mistakes or any crimes potential is it one commits in public and this obviously would be helpful to Donald Trump because of many things that he has done the trick question about this investigation have occurred in public he publicly admitted that he fired Comey play suggested he could fire sessions for the same goals any publicly ask the foreign government as we all know remember as an issue in this open case to hack his political rival Russia if you’re listening you are able to find the 30,000 emails that are missing just because you do something that sounds bad looks batteries potentially criminal out in the open on camera on Twitter wherever does not mean as a legal matter you can’t be held accountable for it I could stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue and shoot somebody and I wouldn’t lose any voters okay rhetorical Gambit about a hypothetical murderer with the idea that even that would be something his supporters would stand by that isn’t usually a positive thing to say about other people and we don’t know whether his support standby what we do know in the matter of law is that kind of thing is not something that Federal investigations will allow by Richard painter lawyer from the Bush Administration with a lot of thoughts about this former Federal prosecutor Cynthia oxney and Christian farias a legal writer for New York Magazine this significant is it an element of potential obstruction I don’t think it’s an element of obstruction I think it’s something that goes in an obstruction indictment I think it’s a statement of the president which is admissible I think it shows Consciousness not only this but all all the other tweets are show different levels of consciousness of guilt and they show and they’re important for the proof of intent but they’re nice not I don’t think it’s a separate count and I say that because I also think there is I mean does it go to part of the obstruction evidence in the case of his intent and his goals I didn’t say count of obstruction and there will be even more obstruction evidence good old fashioned bread and butter obstruction evidence and then this will be part of the indictment and part of the evidence that is given to either a jury or in an impeachment trial but standing alone I don’t think it’s account right against the president for potential structure of Justice what would happen if Barack Obama or George W bush or any other president out-of-the-blue stood up in public in whatever medium in whatever way and said attorney general shut it mediately the probe into my campaign the prosecutor was saying this is one piece of a larger puzzle that shows that there is certainly a constant of guilt this goes to the question whether what’s bothering the president’s so much that on the very same day that one of his chairman is going on trial he has the presence of mind to say these things shut down completely trial that molar has has reached the content of is it and it’s not even the main trial that mother will be handling we know that there’s a separate the sea trial that where the states are much higher but that this is happening as all of these Revelations are coming up during trials prosecutors are in court preparing their arguments something there that he is issuing this order to the Department of Justice which has control over site over other prosecutors that certainly strengthen the case will struction I want to go to Stay With Me lawyer in Republican Administration he is not running as a Democrat for the US Senate in Minnesota I go to user on this central question does this statement account as evidence or an element of potential destruction by Donald Trump what’s early evidence obstruction of justice and first we really have to worry about the mental stability of our president when he has incriminating himself out Twitter and this is a very very damaging tweet as part of a long pattern of obstruction of justice he fired James call me he is repeatedly try to pressure Jeff sessions to unlock use and fire Robert Mueller and the prosecutor will find out Trucking inside the White House I’m sure but you know the House and Senate Judiciary Committee should be investigated as we’re way past the time we were in 1973 when they’re investigating Richard Nixon and I’m shocked that there is no invest structure of Justice abuse of power another night regarding presidential destruction we were past that point when he fired James call me it was quite clearly fire James call me in order to obstruct the Russia investigation and he admitted to that in front of the Russian Ambassador in several TV interviews and we should have had hearings of the House and Senate hi Betty at the same time that Robert Mueller was hired and that’s the way it was done in the next 10 days they have the house and set it actually doing their jobs and investigating this is that has been out of all the trucks are going all the way back to the Conway fire again late and it’s shameful it’s not being investigated he ought to be a hero to be out of the office by now what you would do if in that body how Donald Trump used to say he would deal with these type of matters I said on the Department of Justice I would stay uninvolved now I may get involved at some point if it gets worse about the case against him if he is now getting more involved in the week of his campaign Chairman’s trial in his unhinged interview that they had sent a proposal to Mueller’s office in which the president would agree to testify and they had a proposal and it’s been 11 days and they’ve heard nothing and I think that’s freaking them out because what we know is of course that when a person moves from the subject of an investigation to the Target of Investigation we don’t send we don’t subpoena them anymore and I think they’re afraid that that’s what’s going on in Edition even on that very important Point you’re making just so everyone staying with you you’re saying that the fact that Bob Muller’s team is potentially no longer inactive negotiations for an interview could suggest that their posture has changed from gathering information from the subject which is bad but middle bad to not seeking his testimony cuz they view him as a Target which is bad super bad exactly but I just not responding I think that has upped the pressure and attention and then not only the fact of the matter for trial but what happens in the course it in the right before these trials is witness statements are turned over now Juliana probably knows because the manifold lawyers have given it to him he knows all kinds of information about what Gates is saying and that is also made him unhinge and then he becomes unhinged his client becomes unhinged and the two of them behave in a very unprofessional and slightly ridiculous way to all the rumors about this pre-meeting that he claims didn’t happen but he wanted to talk about anyway Christian which here on the beat with our legal experts we referred to as a dinner that didn’t occur but where Sushi was served which is which is that paradoxical it’s it’s the legal version of MC Escher staircase obvious freak out in your view reporting and your understanding is a product of recent things that Trump & Giuliani have learned that make them scared one thing that Trump team has learned is that in Virginia but also in DC has put a lot of pressure a lot of trial tactics that truly freak them out metaphor just dropped an appeal before the DC circuit that show that truly his lawyers are weary that his lawyers perhaps are getting tired but all this pressure that mother is putting on them ultimately of course Trump is verifiably freaked out that he might flip he was there at that trunk manafort’s lawyer said that no there’s no way I’m cooperating with the special counsel and if anything all this sticking to your guns if manafort’s team shows that who knows maybe he’s waiting for that little Olive Branch for Trump hats to suck to happen later if you’ve never heard anything bad about Trump at all we’re at all these other Witnesses in people who have flipped who have pleaded guilty obviously are not in the president’s Grace’s anymore and it’s very light don’t type and that tells me something that perhaps Trump doesn’t want him to do something that might incriminate him and we appreciate that
President Trump calls for Attorney General Jeff Sessions to stop the Mueller Russia probe as the trial of former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort gets underway. The White House calls Trump’s tweet an “opinion”. Former Federal Prosecutor Cynthia Alksene tells Ari Melber that there is “ plenty” of “obstruction evidence” and notes that Trump’s lawyer Giuliani dropped a hint in an “unhinged interview” that Trump’s team is worried Mueller now considers him a “target” rather than a “subject” of the Russia investigation.
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Fmr. Prosecutor: Why Trump Could Now Be A Target Of Mueller Probe | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC

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